Late Replies Score a Beatport Number 1 with "Hold Up"

We catch up with Josh Lewis and Kastro David (AKA Late Replies), whose track “Hold Up” just hit Beatport’s overall top spot.

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Late Replies Beatport 1
Nov 27, 2020
Heiko Hoffmann

Josh and Kas, congratulations on your first number one on the Beatport charts! Did you already have a chance to celebrate?

Josh: Thanks! Not yet with the current situation. Although I’m going to Colombia for three weeks, so definitely will be having a drink or ten then!

“Hold Up” is based on Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s 20-year-old classic “The Next Episode,” including it’s catchy “Da, da, da, da, da” line. When and how did you get the idea to use this for a track?

Josh: Kas started playing around with the vocals when we were in Ibiza last year and managed to catch a groove. We’ve been massive fans of hip hop since birth practically, so it was nice to incorporate it with our tech house sound.

For all the upcoming producers reading this: Can you give some insights into the process of reworking such a classic and clearing the necessary rights? Is this something you are actively involved with, or do you leave this completely to the label?

Kas: It’s weird because we had no intention to go down that route at the start, but as the groove was developing, I felt it needed a “Hold Up” to add to the track, and it developed from there as an idea. Generally, we’d suggest that if the sample is unsigned, it’s a good idea to inquire yourself and see if you get anywhere. You never know!

“Hold Up” is your second release on Solardo’s Sola label. How do you decide which label to approach when you have a new track ready?

Once we finish a track, we think about who might like it. We try not to aim tracks at labels too much when making it because if they say no, then you’re stuck on who else to send it to. We’ve got a personal relationship with Solardo since before we could even make music, so it makes total sense that with any club room stompers we create, we try to make sure that they get first dibs on it. The record label is huge, and they always push it properly. We set a target to release with them back in 2016. It’s taken a while, but we’ve finally got there, and it’s gone number one, which makes it so much sweeter. Keep grafting and working on your craft, and you will achieve your goals.

You’ve already had a chance playing “Hold Up” in your sets before parties went on hold in March. How do you feel having your biggest release so far out and not being able to play it in front of live audiences?

It’s a shame, but we’ve come on a lot as producers since we made it. I have faith we will be able to give them something even bigger next year. We believe everything happens for a reason, so we don’t get too down about it. Maybe it wouldn’t have gone number one because somebody else would have released an even bigger track if clubs were open!

How are you dealing with the current pandemic, and has it affected your productivity as musicians in any way?

It was good at first because we both had all the time in the world to make music, and we made so much. It’s getting more challenging now. We’re taking on more work to pay bills, as there is no gig income. All in all, we’ve used the time positively, learned a lot about ourselves, and realigned our focus while spending time with loved ones. We’re ready for clubs to open now though, so can it please hurry this all up?!

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