The Best House On Beatport You May Have Missed

Our expert curation team brings you some of the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Maxi Meraki, Din Jay, Spencer Parker, Gimbrère, Da Lukas, and more.

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Jun 12, 2020
Steve Mill

Maxi Meraki – Constellations (Original Mix) [True Romance Records]

Maxi Meraki comes out of Antwerp, Belgium, and is gaining an increasing amount of popularity with his style. The track “Constellations” sets the right tone for forthcoming summer parties, with its funky disco loops and lush vocals that give it an underground disco tinge.

Din Jay – Only Human (Regroove Mix) [kluBasic Records] HYPE

Straight off the beautiful Mediterranean Coast of Italy, Din Jay provides us with the house-induced soul that we all crave during these unsettling times. The fun and catchy phrase “I can’t even do magic” repeats and wanes as the beautiful brass action around it will instantly transport to warm summer memories.

Spencer Parker – Babeh Babeh Babeh Babeh (Original Mix) [Work Them Records]

This track from UK heavyweight Spencer Parker blends techno with house in the most appealing way possible — using stabbing chords and vocal ad libs that constantly jump around the peak time beat!

Dafunky – Lockdown (Original Mix) [LANDR]

Dafunky — one of the winners of Beatport’s recent Producer Challenge — has provided us with an addictive house looper that’s stayed in our minds since the first moment we heard it. With its unmistakable disco tinge and panting bassline, “Lockdown” is an absolute win for our various summer playlists.

Tom Jay – Thief (Original Mix) [Pomme Frite]

Another absolute warmer from the fine English export, Tom Jay, “Thief” is just one of those tracks that will instantly put a smile on your face and make you jump around the room without a care. It’s a joyous reminder of what we think a funky house tune should carry itself. Excellent music all around!

Gimbrère feat. Sebastien Robert – Makossa (Original Mix) [Sulta Selects Silver Service]

The African lyricism that drives this phenomenal house slammer makes this song a strong candidate for “track of the summer.” We haven’t heard Gimbrère before, but Denis Sulta certainly has, and he made the brilliant call of putting the artist’s fresh Breakbeat Passage EP out via his Sulta Selects Silver Service imprint. This one is bound to turn heads in any DJ set, and we’ll surely be keeping an eye out for more stuff from the Amsterdam-based producer after this colossal track!

Da Lukas – See The Light (Original Mix) [WU Records]

One of Italy’s most prolific DJ/producers, Da Lukas, shows us exactly why he continues to enjoy his time in the limelight. The warm brass solos, keys, and an addictive big diva house vocal make “See The Light” a smooth groover of epic proportions.

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