Amelie Lens Reunites with AIROD on ‘Raver’s Heart’ EP

Amelie Lens once again joins forces with rising French producer AIROD for an electrifying four-track techno expedition on Lenske Records.

2 min
Amelie x AIROD 1536x715
May 28, 2021
Cameron Holbrook

Following the wild success of their joint track “Adrenaline” on the debut V/A compilation for Amelie Lens‘ Exhale imprint, Lens has reunited with AIROD on her Lenske Records label for a new four-track EP called Ravers Heart.

Rising French producer AIROD first appeared on Lenske back in 2019 with his acclaimed Voltage EP. Since then, he’s become a mainstay of Amelie Lens’ labels and EXHALE events, locking into a sound and synergy with the label head that has made the pair one of techno’s most dynamic duos.

On Ravers Heart — Lenske Records’ 16th official release — the joint EP opens up with “Join Us,” a dense and high-octane introduction with commanding kicks and a downpour of 303 acid lines. Followed by the EP’s title track, “Ravers Heart,” turns up the intensity with surging basslines and layered vocals from Amelie herself, stating “they can never stop us.”

On the flip side, “Escape” churns out a powerful melody, while the EP’s closing track, “Space Program,” is a brooding techno cut with tons of snares, furious cymbals, and interstellar synth patterns. Check out Amelie Lens and AIROD’s full EP below.

Amelie Lens & Airod’s Raver’s Heart EP is out now via Lenske Records.