Piero Pirupa Scores a Beatport Number 1 with his Cover of Rozalla’s “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)”

We catch up with Italy’s Piero Pirupa who’s version of the ’90s dance classic “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)” — remixed by Deeper Purpose — hit Beatport’s overall top spot.

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Jun 3, 2021
Heiko Hoffmann

Hello Piero, congratulations on having the new overall Beatport number one! Did you already have a chance to celebrate the news?

Thank you, I’m very happy, it has been about nine years since I was at number one last time with my track “Party Non Stop,” it’s unbelievable, I have done it again! I’m still celebrating and taking some time off from the studio. I had been working for years to get back to number one in the Beatport chart. I want to thank all the people behind this release and Deeper Purpose for the great remix.

“Everybody’s Free” is a cover of the great ’90s dance classic by Zimbabwean singer Rozalla. What made you want to do your own version of it?

During the first lockdown in April, I was working on a lot of demos, and I wanted to cover a famous dance track of the ’90s, and so I searched on YouTube and Spotify until I found Rozalla‘s track, which made me remember a lot of memories of my first years as a DJ. Above all, I was struck by a YouTube comment which stated that this track had to be the anthem for when Covid ended. The comment impressed me a lot, so I chose this track precisely because it could be an anthem for the post covid times.

You decided to add breakbeats to the track, which is something new when it comes to your production. What was the inspiration behind that?

Because I was working on some breakbeat demos in those days, at that lockdown time, being continually in the studio, I decided to experiment a little and push myself outside the confines of house and tech-house. Then I had some interesting breakbeats that were good on Rozalla’s voice. It was all very fast, I played a new bass, a different piano from the original, pad, synths, and I finished the track in a few hours.

“Everybody’s Free” is one of those songs that instantly puts you in a good mood. Did you wait to release it until there was hope of things getting better more than a year in on the Corona pandemic?

I sincerely hoped to release the track after summer 2020 because I thought the pandemic would be over, but instead, we chose to postpone the release together with my manager and the Spinnin’ team in a better period, and now I think it’s the best time. Slowly we are defeating Covid, and I hope that all this will be over in a few months, and we will be 100 percent back to work around the world!

Last year you did a bootleg version of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” that was played by some key DJs such as Carl Cox. Do you still plan to have an official release of this?

You can’t imagine how many fans write to me every week regarding this bootleg! It is a bootleg that I made back in 2016 as a secret weapon for my DJ sets. In 2019, I sent it to Carl Cox and Fisher, who played it everywhere for a whole summer, and for two years, people have been asking me about this bootleg. I can say that it will be released on SPINNIN’ DEEP, but unfortunately, we don’t have a date yet. But for sure, we will release it when clubs and festivals around the world resume, so to get news on the release, stay tuned on my social profiles!

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