LA's Dusk Recordings Drops its Debut V/A Compilation

Dusk Volume One is a “love letter from California,” featuring tracks by John Tejada, Dave Aju, Masha Mar, and more.

2 min
Heidi Lawden Dusk Recordings
Jun 10, 2022
Cameron Holbrook

Back in 2019, Los Angeles-based artists Masha, Jeniluv, and Heidi Lawden took the concept behind DJ collective Surround (a fixture of the LA underground scene) and turned it into a festival. From there, Dusk Camp was born — a boutique three-day boutique camp-out festival in California’s desert lowlands.

Following its success and the subsequent cancelation of its second Dusk Camp event due to Coronavirus, the trio decided to extend its community ethos and eye for emerging talent further in the form of a music label. Focusing on concepts of freedom and inspired by the renegade sounds of LA’s warehouse scene, Dusk Recordings’ 14-track debut compilation, Dusk Volume 1, features long-time late-night heroes and unsung soldiers of the West Coast underground scene alike. Some of these names include Woolfy VS Projections, John Tejada, C.Love, Dave Aju, SONNS, Masha Mar, Warehouse Preservation Society, and more.

All tracks were commissioned, written, and produced during the global pandemic to stay connected locally and now globally upon its release. Take a sonic trip to the pacific with a quest for hypnotic dance floors and eternal happiness. Listen to the compilation below.