Nathan Micay Unveils his New Album 'To The God Named Dream'

The producer, DJ, and accomplished composer ventures into digital storytelling on his latest long-player.

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Nathan Micay Beatport
Aug 4, 2023
Harry Levin

After spending years lending his intricate musical abilities to major film and tv productions like Industry on BBC and the upcoming HBO political drama, Reality, Nathan Micay is making music for himself once again via his new album, To The God Named Dream — out now via LUCKYME.

Though this LP is music made for music’s sake rather than for a visual accompaniment, there is still a strong cinematic and narrative quality to it. A primary inspiration of Micay’s in producing the album were classic RPGs, using sounds to create environments as expansive as his choices in melodies and drum patterns across the 11 tracks.

Speaking about the new record, Micay said, “A lot of electronic music became very serious and lacked any sense of character or humour. I’m often invited to evoke heavy emotion and melodrama in my score work and I think this naturally pushed my own music towards something altogether different.”

“Live banjo. Live breakbeats. 808 bass hits. Trance synths. Sounds gross but these things are part of me and have their place here. There’s a lot of orthodox Dance Music™ out there already, and this isn’t for a cue sheet. This one’s for me.” Listen to the album below.

Nathan Micay’s album To The God Named Dream is out now via LUCKYME. Buy it on Beatport.

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