Irvine Welsh Returns to the Rave with a New Track

To celebrate the release of his new “Rave Dance” collaboration with Serge Santiago on his own Jack Said What label, we caught up with Irvine Welsh to get the low down on some of his favorite acid house moments.

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Oct 26, 2022
Ralph Moore

Jack Said What
is a label on a mission. Celebrating the release of his new single with Brighton-based DJ and producer Serge Santiago on his own Jack Said What imprint, Beatport spoke briefly to Scottish author, bon viveur and DJ Irvine Welsh — the man who gave us the mighty Trainspotting and Maribou Stork Nightmare books — and asked him his views on early acid house, how the dance music world has changed and where he had his first epiphany. Not only is that his voice you hear on the track, it’s also his mindset: so it’s apt that the song is called “Rave Dance.” Check out the tune below!

When and where was your first acid house epiphany?

It was in Shoom when I walked in and was the only straight cunt there. I was like Michael Douglas in the Basic Instinct nightclub scene. I thought, the next time I’m back here I’m on those E’s everyone is taking; they’ll hopefully help me to get this shit music.

What was the record attached to that memory?

To be brutally honest, they all sounded shit to me at the start. It was in the Pure when I heard Beltram’ “Energy Flash” which was a couple of years into the party but kicked off the ’90s and my personal resurrection. I was mashed out my nut and wanted to shag the world — but slowly and lovingly after a series of long, exploratory caresses. By the end of the night, I acted like I had invented acid house.

We’re three decades on from 1990: how has the acid house experience changed?

It’s mass entertainment now but the beauty of it you can still come in at any level: go to an illegal rave or airport security superclub if you want, the aim is still to have the time of your life with your mates. Now I can’t dance as long or take as many drugs, but my DNA has been altered by the 303 and the 4 x 4 beat so I can now appreciate the music without chemical assistance.

Irvine Welsh & Serge Santiago’s track “Rave Dance” is out now via Jack Said What. Buy it on Beatport.