IMANU Details his New Deadbeats Album, ‘UNFOLD’

The Rotterdam artist’s new 14-track album is out now via Deadbeats.

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Sept 20, 2022
Jordan Mafi

From drum & bass wunderkind to industry trendsetter, the evolution of IMANU has been nothing short of exhilarating. He’s come a long way since he joined Beatport Next’s Class of 2021, expanding the boundaries of his sound with releases on dance music’s leading labels. Effortlessly bouncing across unrelenting bass weapons and catchy dance floor anthems, it seems IMANU can do it all — and with style.

Now, IMANU presents his debut full-length record UNFOLD, out now on Deadbeats. The genre-bending album spans 14 tracks and features collaborations with a variety of artists across the electronic spectrum. In honor of the new album, we caught up with IMANU to chat about UNFOLD and how his signature sound has evolved throughout his career.

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Hey IMANU! Thanks for linking up with us again to chat about what’s new for you. How has 2022 been treating you?

It’s been great! Been doing my first US shows, and New Zealand tour, and overall having a great time.

Your audience has been blessed over and over again this year with all your new music over these past few months. Have you been sitting on these tracks for some time or has inspiration just hit you hard recently?

Honestly, most tunes I release are around a year or more old by the time they come out. I did have a massive burst of inspiration during the pandemic though.

Let’s talk about UNFOLD, your debut full-length record. With the music, the visuals, and everything in between, what’s the message you’re sending to your audience with this release?

There’s not really much meaning behind anything that I do, other than a certain aesthetic I strive for. I do, however, think that people should be able to find their own stories in my music.

In true IMANU fashion, UNFOLD takes listeners to a variety of destinations through sound. Which tunes off the record motivated you to stop out of your comfort zone musically?

Most of them really! But I must say the baile-influenced tunes we’re the least like stuff I’ve done before. Also, working with this many vocalists was quite new to me.

It’s incredible to watch you experiment with so many different styles across the electronic spectrum. Up-and-coming producers in the comment section of your tunes often ask how you do it – could you explain how you work with different genres without sacrificing your signature style?

It’s easy: the only thing that changes the genre is the tempo, so in theory, everybody should be able to do this if they stop overthinking it.

Between collaborating with acts like Noisia and What So Not, what’s it like to connect with like-minded artists at this point in your career? What does collaboration mean to you?

It’s great! I see music as a very social thing, and also becoming friends and collaborators with some of my idols and inspirations is fantastic.

What’s the best setting for us to listen to UNFOLD in its entirety?

At home, with some friends!

Earlier this year, you shared that you’re celebrating 10 years of producing music. If you could speak to your younger self when you began making music, what would you say to offer advice or reassurance?

Never compromise.

Jordan Mafi is a freelance writer and a Curator at Beatport. Find her on Twitter.

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