PIXELYNX and Beatport Launch Interactive AI Music Production Companion, BeatKOR

BeatKOR is a new personalized music experience that allows fans to create music with an AI sound model that has been developed in collaboration with prominent electronic artists. Fans and artists can use the companion to discover new sounds, create and collect exclusive tracks, and earn from their creations, with ethical AI technology.

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Sept 7, 2023
Cameron Holbrook

Richie Hawtin and deadmau5‘s

interactive music platform PIXELYNX has partnered up with Beatport to launch its new and innovative AI music creation tool, the BeatKOR companion. As part of PIXELYNX’s KORUS music platform, BeatKOR will enable creators and fans to remix music from iconic and emerging artists through new interactive modes and exclusive musical content on the platform.

BeatKOR is the latest in PIXELYNX’s collection of KORs, which are musical companions that creators and fans use to craft AI-generated music on the KORUS platform.

Following the reveal, PIXELYNX will drop the BeatKOR collection on September 13, powered by officially licensed stems and tracks from a number of prominent artists, including Jitwam, Elle Shimada, BRUX, and others.

Users can create their personalized tracks and go even deeper into their favorite music communities by trading, remixing, and sharing music. A user can choose to “own” their song by officially putting it on the blockchain. This will give the user commercial rights to release their music and use it in new ways. In the near future, KORUS will even help users distribute their music onto DSPs with the support from official partners.

To obtain a FREE BeatKOR, users can visit the KORUS website and sign up by September 10th. On September 13 PIXELYNX will airdrop the BeatKOR for free, and from there holders will be able to start making original tracks, saving, and downloading their new outputs to own and share with other creators within the KORUS ecosystem.

Sign up for BeatKOR here!


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