Beatport Launches new Organic House/Downtempo Genre

The new genre launched yesterday.

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Jun 23, 2020
Beatport staff

In recent years, we’ve noticed a trend towards deeper, more meditative, and occasionally slower shades of house music in various music scenes around the world. As such, Beatport has now launched a new genre, Organic House/Downtempo.

To make this change, we collected feedback from artists like Britta Arnold, Oliver Koletzki, Behrouz, Acid Pauli, YokoO, Amine K, Wild Dark, and Roy Rosenfeld; labels like Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Sol Selectas, Desert Dwellers, RADIANT., Get Physical, Hoomidaas, and Pipe & Pochet; as well as several distributors. By working closely with these communities, we hope their passionate and knowledgeable voices are accurately represented in this new genre.

“Up to now, it has been quite challenging to find this kind of music here,” Acid Pauli said. “This should be a lot easier now, but some digging is still needed to find the gems.”

And Stil Vor Talent’s Oliver Koletzki said: “It’s always nice to see Beatport striving to give visibility to all the different styles of electronic dance music. I’m happy that Organic House/Downtempo will give DJs more access to this music they love all over the world.”

Right now, the Organic House/Downtempo sound is currently scattered between the Electronica, Deep House, Melodic House & Techno and Afro House genres on Beatport. But we strongly feel the genre deserves a space of its own, where customers and DJs from around the world can more easily find the artists and labels they already know — or will grow to love — so the sound can thrive and grow. We also believe the space will offer extra visibility and featuring opportunities to the amazing releases that come out each week on Beatport, but don’t currently have a real home.

Ultimately, we feel confident that this change will be a win for the community. Check out a few Organic House/Downtempo selections below, and see the full playlist here.

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