Revisit – Unlocking Beatport Success: A Live Webinar on Music Promotion Strategies

Revisit – Unlocking Beatport Success: A Live Webinar on Music Promotion Strategies

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Sept 24, 2023
Vincent Morris

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On 14th September we broadcasted a live webinar on how to promote your music on Beatport. Hosted by Raphael Pujol (Vice President of Curation) and Marina Palacios (Head of Label Relations Team, UK), the session offered a wealth of practical information on how you can leverage Beatport to successfully promote your music and build your fan base.

As well as providing a general introduction to the suite of tools and platforms available within the expanding Beatport ecosystem, Raphael and Marina peeled back the curtain on some of the internal processes involved with getting your releases picked up and promoted by the curator team at Beatport.

“Every week we have millions of visitors visiting our store and I think that’s why having your music available on Beatport can be very powerful – and can be a marketing tool in itself.” – Marina

Throughout the session, Raphael and Marina gave a lot of great technicals for best practice in producing marketing and promotional materials, and explained how the curation at Beatport works. Despite hosting a colossal 90,000 labels and processing 30,000 releases every week, the curator team is human-run without the use of algorithms or machines. The labor-intensive process allows the curation team to be hands-on with artists and labels, providing expert services backed by an acute understanding of the music and the culture across all of the genres and regions that are housed on the platform.

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Raphael explained the importance of first creating a clear vision and profile behind the music you’re releasing, and a demonstrable work ethic in marketing and promoting your own music, saying: “Getting different types of content to support your music is extremely important today. And that sometimes will make the difference in sales. And sales will mean chart positions, and chart positions means more visibility, more visibility means more sales…”

This isn’t only essential to build an audience and successful business in today’s digital world, but also necessary if you want to be actively promoted on the Beatport platform. First and foremost however, good quality music is still the number one factor in being considered by curators for promotion.

“Incorporating all of these things in your vision will create the right energy and space for you to work in developing your business, and all of that will naturally unfold. When we see that as curators, as Beatport, we want to help you.” – Raphael Pujol

Additionally, picking a distributor that understands and represents your sound and culture is equally important. Having a good distributor by your side that you’re aligned with will allow them to help you get your music out to the right places.

When approaching a distributor it’s important to be ready to work with them – with a clear brand and some kind of marketing plan, so that there is enough lead time for promotion and ensuring you get the best engagement when releasing your music.

The webinar also covered the different avenues of promoting your music through Beatport’s ecosystem including various editorial, banners, charts, and the unique opportunities that can be unlocked through Beatport’s promotion accelerator – Hype.

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