Revisit Beatsource x DJcity x Beatport’s London DJ LinkUp

Revisit the Beatsource x DJcity LinkUp event (London)

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Sept 19, 2023
Vincent Morris

On September 10th, DJs from across the UK came together to meet in West London for the latest edition of Beatsource x DJcity x Beatport Linkup. With a host of panels and speakers on the program, attendees had the opportunity to network, catch up with friends and listen to a series of insightful discussions about the latest in DJing technology and other current topics in the community.

Hosted by online DJ school Crossfader, the first panel discussion covered subjects such as how to get gigs and harness the power of social media, as well as the evolution of DJ hardware and software and the implications of this for DJs both recreational and professional.

“Many DJs are aware of each other through social media, but their busy schedules often prevent them from developing those relationships further. The DJcity Linkup was created to bring together DJs from around the country in one place at the same time. DJs attend the Linkup to discuss the latest music and technology trends and share ideas and opportunities.” – DJcity UK

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The advent of Serato’s DVS (digital vinyl system) was quoted as a key point where a whole new set of possibilities opened up to DJs. Likewise, the Pioneer CDJ-3000 unlocked unprecedented capabilities, allowing DJs to streamline and transform their workflow and performances. On the other hand, the issue of connectivity was stated as a huge hurdle for DJ technology, which only now seems to be making positive headway.

The panel was joined by Pioneer DJ’s product planning executive Jack Canham who gave insights into how with each iteration, product lines are being devised to meet the specific current – as well as future – needs of DJs. One example of this is how Pioneer has focused on the visual element on their products, not just on the hardware but on-screen with elements such as waveforms.

On the subject of product planning, Canham spoke about the level of work that goes into the research and design of products. For example, products that are already in the pipeline are slated for release in as far as 2027 – giving perspective on the timeline for the development of such products.

“We don’t just push products out. It takes a long, long time to develop them.” – Jack Canham

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The future seems bright for DJ tech, with DJ and Beatsource product specialist Mojaxx stating: “I’m waiting for the day where I can just log in to the CDJ with my password and it’s all there and ready to go… And we’re not there yet but we’re getting closer – with the 3000s I can now log into Beatsource and access all my playlists.”

He went on to stress the importance of strengthening the dialogue between product organizations and the DJing community, encouraging the audience to email brands as well as use networking events like this one to speak to them in person – such as Serato, Beatsource, Pioneer, and Westend DJ who were all present at the event.

“Your voices are being heard – these companies are listening to DJs. Talk to us, it’s so important to make your voice heard.” – Mojaxx

The second discussion was a live edition of The TalkOver Podcast, hosted by DJ Dubl and guest DJ Cee B. Tackling age-old topics such as DJ etiquette, the role of the warm-up DJ, nightmare track requests from the crowd, and striving for transparency within the DJ industry regarding money and rates.

The event was rounded off with a free raffle competition, where nine winners won a Serato gift pack and one lucky winner went home with a brand new Pioneer DDJ Rev5 controller.

On what was a humid late-Summer Sunday afternoon, the event proved to be a valuable and informative opportunity for DJs from all over to share ideas, get industry insights, and make new connections.

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