The 7 Best Minimal / Deep Tech Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

Our expert curation team brings you some of the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time with Jay Tripwire, Djebali, Monika Ross, Shunt, and more.

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Jul 17, 2020
Raphael Pujol

Butane, Forinson – Ascension (Jay Tripwire Remix) [Tenampa Recordings]

I stumbled upon this remix of Jay Tripwire, the Canadian and Vancouver DJ that helped pioneer the fusion of house and techno in a more minimal stripped-down fashion. Not your typical 4 to the floor rhythm, his remix for this Butane and Forinson track is a total late-night masterpiece. With a 2-step drive and dub-structured rhythm, it’s packed with organic-sounding drum fills that combines beautifully with its low-end elements. The combination of 808 kicks and a TB-303 acid bassline bring meticulous attention to detail to the use of FX, delays, and feedback loops that go hand in hand with the atmosphere created from the pads — completely re-inventing the original track. It’s a perfect set opener that will take your audience to another dimension.

Accented Measures – Photons (Monika Ross Remix) [M- Tone]

Currently residing in Berlin, Monika Ross is one of my favorite producers from Australia. I love every track she produces and often play them in my own sets! Her remix of “Accented Measures” by Photons is sensual and deeply rooted with a 2-step, break-infused groove and accompanied by dubby, techy, and jazzy elements. Her infectious basslines are one of her well-known signature sounds, and this case is no exception. Throw this track in at any point during your nighttime set, and it’s bound to go off.

Guti, David Gtronic – Endless Positions (Federika Remix) [Personality Disorder Music]

Following the highly acclaimed Personality Disorder LP From David Gtronic & Guti, the label has just released an unbeatable remix package of the album that features some of the best artists in the game. One that I enjoyed especially was from Venezuelan and Madrid-based artist Federika’s remix of “Endless Positions.” This track is the definition of less is more. Simple, effective, and straight to the point! Not usual club track arrangement, she introduces vocal and harmonic elements from the original tune sporadically, drawing in dancers to the track’s story. I quite like the acid-esque bassline that carries throughout, giving it great personality.

Per Hammar – Low Bats [Dirty Hands]

Swedish producer Per Hammar is an underground champion of the highest order. He’s been at the top of my radar over the last few years. To see why, listen to his brand new LP, Pathfinder. “Low Bats” is the album cut that stood out to me the most due to its hypnotic nature, which stems from the arrangement of percussion, drums, and atmospheres. It feels heavy and packed with emotions. The rolling, sub-heavy bassline adds so much character that no dancefloor is safe.

MKEY (UK) – Broken Birdie [Hardcutz Records]

This track caught my attention last week as I was curating for Beatport’s minimal/deep tech page. I really enjoy the crossover elements of garage, minimal, and tech house that generated a deep and forward going mood throughout the track. I always enjoy a tune with an undeniable and deep aura. Rising from its lush pads and stabs, MKEY maintains the energy with the swing drums and heavy basslines. What a belter!

Shunt – Down To Earth [Conceptual Deep]

Franco-Lebanese artist Shunt is a brand new and promising act who released his debut Ep via Conceptual Deep back in May. He likes to think about his music as assertive, artistic, and communicative. You can feel it clearly in his track “Down to Earth” that shows the artist’s immense personality. The arrangement here does it for me because it brings such depth and mystery through its sound FX, mesmeric guitar riff, and telluric sounding drum patterns.


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Stephane – Can I Have It (Djebali Remix) – [Djebali] (HYPE)

One of Paris’ most accomplished new generation house music purveyors, Djebali’s productions continue to set the bar high. His constant flow of top quality releases via his self-titled imprint never ceases to amaze, and this remix of the Stephane track “Can I Have It” is no different. A stripped-back groover with enough heat to make any dancefloor move, I love how the bass sound was designed to add so much body to the track. It allows the drums to be simple, with just enough swing to make you want to bounce and groove.

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