Oliver Koletzki Recounts his Decades in Dance Music on Latest Album, ‘Trip to Sanity’

For his tenth full-length effort, the German native and South African regular explores every corner of his extensive history across 18 eclectic tracks.

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Oliver Koletzki beatportal
Nov 2, 2023
Harry Levin

Any artist who can make it to ten albums has some serious staying power, and upon the release of his tenth full-length offering, Oliver Koletzki demonstrates exactly why he is so in demand after more than a quarter century in the scene.

This latest album is entitled Trip to Sanity, and it sees the Stil Vor Talent label head express his unfounded love of dance music in a way that fits any time, place, or setting.

Such spacious diversity stems from the environments in which Oliver Koletzki produced the album. He wrote many of the tracks over the winter in his secondary home of Cape Town, South Africa, juxtaposing the colder air with the glittering seas and slower lifestyle of the coastal community.

Then to finish off the album, Oliver Koletzki returned to his studio in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin. Existing in that dense metropolis known around the world as a mecca for his chosen genres, allowed both himself and his numerous collaborators, which include celebrated talents like Andhim, Hidden Empire, Oliver Klostermann, and Fritz Kalkbrenner allowed his creativity to flow free as it has for decades.

The finished product spans a total of 18 tracks. There are peak time bangers like “Candyflip” and “Pleasure of the Very First Time,” laid alongside tracks perfect for night time drives or winding down at home like “Hasenheide” and “Is It Real,” the latter of which features the haunting vocals of Malou who’s been featured on music with other greats like Ben Böhmer and Jan Blomqvist.

Trip to Sanity, no matter who is hearing it or where it’s being heard, is just that. A trip, and with ten albums under his belt, one can only hope Koletzki’s trip won’t be over any time soon. Listen below.

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