The 7 Best Indie Dance Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

Our expert curation team brings you some of the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time with Argia, Dino Lenny, Hanzo & Yaman, Radial Gaze, and more.

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Jul 24, 2020
Tom Peters

Argia – Naranjas De La China [Nothing Is Real]

Argia is the new project of Helena Piti, a Spanish DJ-producer who’s been involved with music since she can remember. She’s studied piano and double bass at a conservatory and evolved into more electronic rhythms with time.

I love the new Argia track “Naranjas De La China” on the label Nothing Is Real from the Italian duo Modular Project. This is indie dance that gives me melancholia, and I can see myself dancing to it on the beach or at an intimate rave somewhere. It’s a sad and strange summer for many, and the voltaic synthesizers and tribal drums on Argia’s track create the perfect soundtrack for it.

Mala Ika – Weirdos In The Rain Original Mix [Family N.A.M.E]

Born and raised in Guadeloupe, FWI, Mala Ika is a French DJ -producer. Her early passion for digging electronic music helped her become one of the founders of the label Label Sweet Musique. Her new EP, Weirdos In The Rain, makes me want to dance all over the place (rain or shine).

Tony y Not – Last Night [Trampoliner]

Tony y Not is a Berlin/NYC-based artist that first caught my attention with this EP. A strong indie dance collection with remixes from the Italian power duo, Armonica, Animal Trainer, and Made in Paris. Her 120 BPM track “Last Night” is definitely something to seek out on the dance floor.

Dino Lenny – My Last Word Original Mix [Multinotes]

Multinotes & TAU are one of my favourite indie/melodic labels at the moment. Run by Italian trio Odleric, Musumeci, and Lehar, the music, artwork, and the overall aesthetic of the imprint is always on point. Multinotes’ Gifts is a various artists compilation aiming to give a little help in the Covid-19 emergency. 100% of the proceeds from sales are to be donated to the Italian Civil Protection Department. It’s great to see an exclusive track from Dino Lenny on this latest release. The timeless sounding tune makes me miss flying. If ever I found myself at a rave in an airport, this is the track I would want to hear.

Luke Garcia, Th3 Oth3r – Ubermut Original Mix [TAU]

It’s been a year since the Adana Twins unveiled the first Spektrum compilation on the duo’s highly-regarded TAU label, and now they’re back with the second bumper installment. Luke Garcia and Th3 Oth3r’s collaboration track “Ubermut” is an outstanding and energetic cut from this strong compilation. As it slowly unfolds, the track keeps the energy with a rolling indie bassline and synth melody hypnosis that makes you fully trip out on the dance floor. This is the type of modern indie dance I’ve been digging for.

Hanzo & Yaman – Francisco (Original Mix) [Playground Records]

Hanzo & Yaman are a DJ/producer duo and the heads behind Worldwide Belly Dance Services. Together they share their devotion to music with a reckless attitude to create tunes that get crowds to shake and move their bellies. With their track “Francisco,” they give us a shining example of dark disco that makes you want to party in Istanbul straight away.

Radial Gaze – Hiko Hiko (Original Mix) [Hard Fist]

Founded in the French city of Lyon, Hard Fist is a collective led by Tushen Rai and Cornelius Doctor. Taking off for a cosmic trip and crossing ages and borders, Hard Fist specializes in alchemical concoctions of percussion, acid, and global sounds from Middle-Eastern, African, Asian, and European countries. “Hiko Hiko” by Radial Gaze gives you the Middle Eastern feeling that you would hear in a set from the likes of Red Axes and Moscoman.

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