Beatport Insider: Top-Selling Minimal / Deep Tech Tracks, Artists, and Labels (2023)

With Beatport Insider, we dig into key stats from the Beatport store’s top-performing releases that came out over the last six months. This time, we look at the artists and labels that dominated our Minimal / Deep Tech sales and streaming charts.

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Nov 7, 2023
Beatport Team

Locking down the most purchased dance floor jam from our minimal/deep tech genre page and coming in as the section’s top-selling artist, we have Cologne-based artist Kolter (fka DJOKO) with his slinky “Bust a Beat” track, released via the artist’s Koltrax imprint. Jansons‘ rock solid “Messan” comes in at number two, making him the second most purchased artist in our minimal/deep tech section, and Ranger Trucco‘s hot-and-heavy rework of the 2006 classic “Me & U,” the aptly named “cassie.” follows at number three.

Prunk’s indomitable PIV takes home the prize for best-selling minimal/deep tech imprint over the past six months, boasting hugely successful releases from the likes of Robbie DohertyChris StussyProject89, and more in 2023. Kolter’s Koltrax follows close behind as the section’s second most successful label, and coming in at number three is East End Dubs‘ ever-reliable Eastenderz imprint.

Check out more key Beatport stats from our Minimal / Deep Tech section below.

***These statistics are based on top-performing releases that were published on the Beatport store between May 2023 – October 2023.

Top 10 Best-Selling Minimal / Deep Tech Tracks

Top 10 Most-Streamed Minimal / Deep Tech Tracks

Top 10 Best-Selling Minimal / Deep Tech Labels

1. PIV
2. Koltrax
3. Eastenderz
4. Deeperfect
5. MicroHertz
7. Tamango Records
8. range.
9. Moan
10. Solid Grooves Raw

Top 10 Most-Streamed Minimal / Deep Tech Labels

1. Koltrax
3. PIV
4. range.
5. Eastenderz
6. Tamango Records
8. Solid Grooves Raw
9. Deeperfect
10. MicroHertz

Top 10 Best-Selling Minimal / Deep Tech Artists

1. Kolter
2. Jansons
3. Max Dean
4. Ranger Trucco
5. Late Replies
6. Max Chapman
7. Luke Dean
9. Us Two
10. Sidney Charles

Top 10 Most-Streamed Minimal / Deep Tech Artists

1. Kolter
2. Ranger Trucco
3. Max Dean
4. Jansons
5. Late Replies
7. Max Chapman
8. Sidney Charles
9. Luke Dean
10. Us Two

Top Trending Minimal / Deep Tech Artists

  • Of the Top 100 artists in 2023 who had the highest percentage increase of tracks sold in the last six months, compared to the six months before.


Old Gold (Minimal / Deep Tech)

  • The best-selling tracks over the past six months that were released before 2010.

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