The 7 Best Peak Time/Driving Techno Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

Our expert curation team brings you some of the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Drigo, Abel Blanes, Blu 9, Tony Romanello, and more.

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Jul 31, 2020
Beatport staff

KUSP (UK) – M2S [Korpus 9]

Going from strength to strength, Korpus 9 delivers another deadly techno weapon courtesy of KUSP. The duo have been refining their sound over the last two years, and it really shows. “M2S” is a lesson in high production and sound design. A distorted lead line snakes in and out of view, keeping you interested while a booming kick keeps you dancing.

Anna V. – Dark Energy (Blu 9 Remix) [Voltage Records]

Blu 9 offers up a storming remix of the already excellent “Dark Energy” from Anna V. With ascending arpeggios, massive washes of noise, and ambiance for days, this track was most certainly built for the peak of your set. It got us dancing, that’s for sure!

Darian Jaburg – DisaStar [Music4Aliens Black]

Hailing from Giessen in Germany, Darian Jaburg has pitch black techno running through his veins. He’s built his reputation through releases labels like Reload Records, Finder Records, Klinik Room, Davotab, Carypla Records, MTZ Records, and Sonika Music. “DisaStar” has a menacing feel from the offset and only gets darker and darker with scary pads and an evil 303 line. One for the heads-down moments!

Abel Blanes – See People [Beat Therapy Records]

Beat Therapy have been impressing us with their releases for a while now, and the new tracks from Abel Blannes, “See People,” falls firmly into the impressive category. His formative years in Barcelona seem to have inspired his funkier take on techno. In this track, we particularly like the bouncy bass drum pattern that plays very well off the acid lead. Great stuff!

Alex Vigo – Anubis [Ole Black]

We don’t know much about Alex Vigo, but what we do know is that his new tune, “Anubis” for Ole Black is a banger! Setting the scene with a relentless bassline, the track pummels along while some very interesting percussion instruments littering the high frequencies. This effort is perfect as a mid-set roller.

Puncher – Cells (Tony Romanello Remix) [Teoria Perfekta]

Tony Romanello gives us his take on Puncher’s “Cells.” The result is a 303 heavy steam train that has hard kicks and an even harder drop. The original track has more of a dubby side, whereas Tony’s version flips that into a menacing slice that is perfect for tougher moments in your set.

Fussion, Drigo – Hydra [Loose Records]

Argentinian producer Drigo has already been turning heads with his releases on Set About, Codex, and Bitten, but this is the first time he has collaborated with Fussion, a duo also hailing from Argentina. The result is “Hydra,” a rip-roaring techno workout that oozes personality with its refined synth arpeggios and bumping rhythms.

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