Hype Label of the Month: Oddity Records

We learn more about the sound and ethos behind Fur Coat’s reputable melodic house & techno imprint, Oddity Records — Beatport’s Hype Label of the Month.

2 min
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Apr 21, 2022
Cameron Holbrook

Headed up by the internationally lauded Venezuelan DJ/producer Fur Coat, Oddity Records has consistently delivered futuristic dance floor goods to fans far and wide.

Founded in 2017, the label’s distinct melodic house & techno flavor has helped accelerate the careers of acts like Upercent, Moonwalk, EarthLife, Lossless, and more.

Between the label’s coveted Odd Echoes compilation series and its remix back catalogue featuring dubspeeka, Radio Slave, Hunter/Game, Locked Groove and others, Oddity’s refreshing musical approach and kaleidoscopic aesthetic make it one of the melodic house & techno scene’s most memorable labels.

Here, we speak to Fur Coat to learn about the history behind his imprint and his A&R process while getting his take on what the next few years hold for Oddity — our Beatport Hype Label of the Month.

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