Hype Label of the Month: Nordic Trax

Beatport celebrates 25 years of Vancouver’s premiere deep house institution, Nordic Trax — our Hype Label of the Month.

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Oct 27, 2022
Cameron Holbrook

Specializing as purveyors of the most resounding and groovy dance floor vibes north of the 49th parallel, Vancouver-based label Nordic Trax has been a staple of Canada’s house scene for decades. First founded by DJ/producer Luke McKeehan in 1997, Nordic Trax takes immense pride in its ability to bring original music from lesser-known Canadian artists to the forefront while also pushing out records from widely respected house music acts worldwide. These names include Gavin Froome, Jon Delerious, Home & Garden, JT Donaldson, DJ Heather, Marotti, Joshua Iz, Morgan Page, Demarkus Lewis, Kelvin K, H Foundation, Finest Wear, Pete Moss, Gavin Boyce and many more.

The boutique imprint’s unique deep house aura and rousing showcases are a staple of the extraordinary Vancouver scene. With over 100 releases under its belt, Nordic Trax is steadfast in keeping its city a dance music destination for years to come. We caught up with label head Luke McKeehan to learn more about his label’s most essential tracks and what else they have in the pipeline.

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