Algoriddim Unveils djay Pro 5 with Three Next-Gen Updates

Explore the performance capabilities of Algoriddim djay Pro 5 and its new Neural Mix, Crossfader Fusion and Fluid Beatgrid technology.

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Djay pro 5 beatport
Dec 6, 2023
Cameron Holbrook

Algoriddim‘s award-winning performance app, djay Pro, has released a significant update for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS — free for existing djay users.

The arrival of djay Pro 5 marks a new chapter in the app’s vast and user-friendly DJing capabilities. Having recently partnered up with the stem separation and creation platform AudioShake, Algoriddim has drastically elevated its game-changing Neural Mix technology that allows DJs to seamlessly isolate individual instruments and vocals of any song in real time with no loss of quality.

In addition, djay Pro 5 comes paired with two new additional features: a modern twist to its patented Crossfader Fusion technology — allowing for smoother and more powerful blends between transitions — and its Fluid Beatgrid technology, a first-of-its-kind beat and tempo matching engine.

Check out DJ ANGELO‘s demonstration of these thrilling new features for djay Pro 5 below.

Neural Mix 2.0: Setting new standards in performance and sound quality, Neural Mix will now deliver AudioShake’s crisp vocals, perfectly separated instruments, and snappy drums, while marking a significant breakthrough in performance, allowing it to even run on mobile devices.

Crossfader Fusion: This new feature provides a collection of powerful transition presets with smart behaviors and finely-tuned automation curves assigned to the crossfader. Whether mixing open format or electronic music genres, Crossfader Fusion adds an extra layer of control and artistry to mixes, enabling smooth blending or dramatic changes in sound when transitioning between tracks with a simple slide of the crossfader.

Fluid Beatgrid: Capable of instantly analyzing and predicting the structure of any song, this dynamic grid system follows every tempo fluctuation and interruption in the beat. Fluid Beatgrid automatically detects and adjusts to varying tempo and rhythmic changes within a song, ensuring beats are always locked in perfect harmony without having to edit beat grids manually.

The djay Pro 5 app also gives its users the ability to choose from multiple content sources, meaning each DJ in the series has access to the full Beatport catalogue, open-format tracks from the Beatsource catalogue, and their own locally stored content.

Also, be sure to check out Mojaxx’s first look at djay Pro 5 on the new episode of Beatsource Tech below.

djay Pro 5 is available now via the App Store.

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