The 7 Best Melodic House & Techno Tracks On Beatport You May Have Missed

Our expert curation team brings you the best tracks on Beatport you may have missed. This time featuring Carsten Halm, SQL, Adelante, Vita V, and more.

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Aug 28, 2020
Tom Peters

Carsten Halm – Kreisel [Natura Viva]

A new epic track from Cologne-based Carsten Halm that takes you far above the clouds, just like dancing to a Mathame set at Reforma 180 in Mexico City. The synth work is beautiful and mesmerizing.

Sky Civilian – Floating In A Dream [Atomnation]

This is really like floating in a dream as it envelops you with its warm sounds and chords. I feel like listening to it on a Giegling stage in the summer, perhaps at a festival like Fusion or Waking Life. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a sunrise when your thoughts are melting away. Sky Civilian sent me this beautiful release with some sunshine from New Mexico, as well as two remixes from Applescal and Sam Goku.

SQL – Fomo Jam [Flow Vinyl]

This timeless and hypnotic tune from SQL should not be missed. It comes with such ease that you can keep the loop running for a while and lose track of time and place. Somehow it reminds me of the earlier days of Etapp Kyle.

Vita V – Pessimistic [Awen Records]

This one makes me miss the clubs more than anything. Dancing the night away with this energetic new tune “Pessimistic” from Viva V, the track’s vocal component has something ethereal and spiritual about it. It’s the 110th Release on the Spanish label Awen Records. The EP comes with two original pieces from Viva V and three remixes, a fantastic collaboration between OIBAF, WALLEN, and Mia Mendi that has a beautiful piano line, one by the Austrian duo Der Effekt, and another by the Swiss producers Miguel Lautaro and LUMME.

Adelante – Suracon [Alpha Black]

Munich’s Adelante’s new track “Suracon” begins with some percussion elements before the synth line starts which keeps the tension throughout this slightly trippy tune. It’s like riding on a camel through the afternoon sun in the desert. The name Adelante originates from a term that is widely used in Spain and South America and paraphrases “the order ahead” — the subliminal credo of the duo.

Ryan Dupree, RS63, Verdhandi – Hunter [Ballroom Records]

This remix from Boy Next Door is definitely a prime time hit. It’s like an energetic ritual around the fire where everyone goes wild. When Verdhandi was still living in Berlin, her apartment was above that of RS63. When she heard the tracks they were creating (through the walls), she immediately contacted them and decided to write lyrics and record them for their tracks. She has since become an integral collaborator with the group.

Jean Michel Schober, Modul Kollektiv – Beehive [Nervous Records]

“Beehive” sees Jean Michel Schober joining forces with Modul Kollektiv on legendary label, Nervous Records. The track sets the mood with some tasty chords and percussions before it unfolds all its layers into a melodic summer tune. Modul Kollektiv has already established a strong relationship with Nervous through two prior releases, each of which was well-received.

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