Peggy Gou Delivers Her Debut Album, ‘I Hear You’

The South Korean producer stands behind one of the dance music's most-anticipated long plays of the year.

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Peggy Gou album Beatport
Jun 7, 2024
Rachel Narozniak

Swathed in curiosity and expectation, Peggy Gou’s debut album, I Hear You, attracted considerable attention across dance/electronic circles following its announcement in April.

The success of I Hear You's “(It Goes Like) Nanana” (the best-selling track on the Beatport store in 2023) coupled with her hard-won reputation as one of the genre’s most in-demand DJ/producers, gave the project a boost long before its release. With seemingly all eyes on her, Gou is characteristically cool-as-a-cucumber on an LP that unsurprisingly ranks among the genre’s most-anticipated this year. And across the sophisticated, multilingual album’s ten tracks, the South Korean tastemaker satiates appetites for a Peggy Gou long play while demonstrating just why the fanfare for I Hear You was deserved.

Led by “(It Goes Like) Nanana,” her blockbuster Lenny Kravitz collaboration, “I Believe In Love Again,” “1+1=11,” and most recent single, “Lobster Telephone,” I Hear You feels both familiar and fresh. Gou’s supple, blissed-out brand of ‘90s house unspools across the album. So does a distinguishing sense of creativity that, months later, can be expected to continue separating I Hear You from other LPs in the house space this year. Take, for example, the Korean lyrics on “Lobster Telephone” and instrumentation on “Seoulsi Peggygou (서울시페기구).” Simply put, some things are worth the wait — I Hear You is one of them. Listen below.

The international phenomenon’s debut LP is out now via XL Recordings. Buy it on Beatport.

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