Maxinne Launches New Label, Red Alert, with ‘Feel The Bass’ EP

With the jaunty project, Maxinne turns the page to the next chapter of her career: production, curation, and complete creative control.

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Maxxine Beatportal
May 30, 2024
Rachel Narozniak

Maxinne is seeing red. Throughout her burgeoning career, the South Coast-born DJ/producer has seated her music on esteemed labels like Circus Recordings, Knee Deep In Sound, and HE.SHE.THEY. Now, she’s doing it on her own imprint.

With her groove-ridden Feel The Bass EP, Maxinne kickstarts Red Alert, which borrows its name from her 2021 debut album. For Maxinne, Red Alert is a conduit to complete creative control and a long-term goal realized. “Having my own label is something I’ve dreamt of for years, to release music from like-minded artists that share a similar vision and to express myself with more freedom than ever before,” she shares.

Titularly, the EP comes with a command, but as one stream renders clear, doing so isn’t as much a matter of choice as it is of inevitability. The twofer succinctly captures Maxinne’s spry, club-minded sound across two tracks that set the tone for Red Alert. “Feel The Bass” kicks down the door to the EP with a burst of energy sure to elicit head bobs (at a minimum). The heavy low-ends on “Who Dares” add weight and a sense of heartiness to the project. Listen below.

“This EP was heavily inspired by my early influences of garage music with its chunky basslines and skippy drums. It’s an accumulation of the sounds I’ve loved and listened to for many years, with touches of hip hop and soul coming through with the vocals,” says Maxinne.

Red Alert’s launch heralds much more music to come from Maxinne, not to mention established and emergent talent in the house scene. For now, though, feel the bass.

Maxinne's Feel The Bass EP is out now via Red Alert. Buy it on Beatport.

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