Adam Beyer on the Enduring Legacy of "PATT (Party All The Time)"

Drumcode boss Adam Beyer gives us the lowdown on his chart-topping reimagining of the timeless dance floor classic, "PATT (Party All The Time)."

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Adam Beyer PATT
May 29, 2024
Cameron Holbrook

Back in the '80s, two American actor/comedian juggernauts — Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy — entered a bet. According to lore, Pryor had bet Murphy $100,000 that he could not succeed in creating a purely musical album without any jokes. The result? Eddie Murphy's wildly successful 1985 album How Could It Be — featuring his timeless dance floor classic, "Party All The Time."

Fast-forward to 2006, Yoshitoshi Recordings boss and one-half of Deep Dish, Sharam, reinterprets the '80s hit with his own club-focused spin, "PATT (Party All The Time)" — which remained in the UK Top 10 for three straight weeks.

Now, in 2024, a venerated supergroup of techno kingpins — Adam Beyer, Green Velvet, and Layton Giordani — came together to put their modern stamp on Sharam's now classic tune (out now via Armada Music / Drumcode). The track skyrocketed to Beatport's overall top spot back in March and remains one of the site's best-selling tracks this year. 

We reached out to Adam Beyer to get his thoughts on how the collaboration came about and the track's impact thus far:

"PATT (Party All The Time)" was an exciting collaboration right from the start. Layton [Giordani], Green Velvet and I have worked on various projects together so there's a natural chemistry when working on a new release. We had our eye on this track for a while and when it came together, for us it felt like it connected on many levels. Bringing together our distinct styles and adding our own unique touch to this timeless classic was truly an honor. This track has seen so many iterations over the years, and we take pride in contributing to its enduring legacy.

Seeing the impact of the track at Miami Music Week was remarkable. While it had garnered some support within the circuit, it took Miami by storm. We're thankful for the immense love the track has received and for the DJs who have championed it – their enthusiasm played a significant role in building anticipation for its release. Plus, Sharam’s original debuted at Miami Music Week (formerly Winter Music Conference) back in 2006 and has been a staple ever since – quite a full circle moment. — Adam Beyer

Check out Layton Giordani's 'Party All The Time' chart on Beatport.
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