Beatport Launches First-Ever Curated Store Chart Dedicated to Independent Artists

A new space to spotlight and discover independent electronic music artists on Beatport.

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BP Best New Independent Artists Beatportal Header
May 30, 2024
Cameron Holbrook

Beatport is proud to introduce a first-in-the-market store chart dedicated exclusively to music created by independent electronic music artists.

Titled Best New Independent Artists, the collection of tracks will be updated weekly and led by Beatport's meticulous team of expert music curators, featuring tunes from all of the store's 33 genres. Beatport recognizes the importance of magnifying and promoting standout productions from independent voices in a landscape often dominated by major labels and established acts.

Speaking on the initiative, Raphael Pujol, Beatport's Vice President of Global Curation, states:

"By curating a dedicated space for independent electronic music artists, Beatport is not only providing a platform for discovery but also ensuring that these artists receive the recognition and compensation they deserve from the get-go. While other platforms may struggle with the distribution of small payments to artists with fewer streams, our focus remains firmly on amplifying the voices of independent creators and fostering a more equitable ecosystem for electronic music."

Independent electronic music artists are encouraged to submit their music via Distrokid, Music Hub or TuneCore to be considered for inclusion in the chart, and get their music heard by the Beatport DJ community.

Find your new favorite artist today by listening to the chart below or checking it out on Beatport.