Hype Label of the Month: HIATO Music

Beatport shines a spotlight on BLANCAh's visionary, melodic, and artistically-driven Brazilian-based imprint, HIATO Music.

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May 30, 2024
Cameron Holbrook

Since starting her DJ career at the tender age of 16, Brazilian DJ/producer BLANCAh's intuitive and melodic productions have earned the artist a great deal of international acclaim across clubland. Enter HIATO Music — BLANCAh's sonic beacon for authentic dance floor records, which she started alongside the duo Binaryh back in 2020.

Over the past four years, HIATO's fine-tuned curation and A&R process has expressed itself as "an act of love" — pushing out a steady stream of quality electronic records from established and emerging talent globally. The imprint touts releases from the likes of Ed Lopes, Wailey, Toxism, Tito Azevedo, Lokust, My Flower, and more. Each release is "an authentic expression" of BLANCAh's heartfelt passion for the creations on her label, supported by an eye-catching artwork aesthetic that graces each record.

We caught up with BLANCAh to learn more about the ethos behind her visionary imprint and to learn about some of the label's most essential tracks. Watch the video below.

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