Nervous Records Profile In DJ Mag (1991)

Nervous Records founder Michael Weiss shares the very first piece of DJ Mag coverage that his seminal NYC dance music imprint received back in 1991.

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Nervous Records DJ Mag 1991
May 17, 2024

Courtesy of DJ Mag

The label they're all talking about, the supposed newly-crowned king of New York labels that's taken the country by storm with its stunning releases. Actually, although there's no doubt Nervous already has a solid catalogue and plenty of good releases, it's the coupling of a brilliant logo with a UK merchandising company making all manner of shirts and jackets that's really behind the label's ludicrously high profile. But of course, people do buy the records as well. Though Nervous started out with tracks by well-known producers like Todd Terry, Kenny Gonzalez and Roger Sanchez (the sound of minimalist drum and bass under a patchwork of samples permeates the whole catalogue), their more recent releases have concentrated on new, unknown artists. They don't just stick to basic underground house tracks either - some releases have reflected the flavour of New York's Wild Pitch parties by incorporating hip hop and reggae styles. As always, ignore the hype and check out the music. Most of the people wearing those shirts probably couldn't name you a single release.


Niceguy Soulman - Feel It

Monarch - I'll Be Right There

Latin Kings - Want To Know (Quiero Saber)

Swing Kids - Good Feeling

Groove Asylum - Tipsy

King Street Crew - Gonna Be Alright

Just Us - You Got lt

Trinidad - Philly/The Blunt

Ganiah Posse - Me Sav Boom

Jazzie Joint - A Little Love

Classic Man - Mellow Influence

Late Boyz - Can't Stop Dancin'

In Sync - Everybody's Dancing

Rhythm Factory - Sax Track

Shades Of Sound - Drunk Horn

Goodfellas - Somebody

Faceman - Love Don't Give It Up