Meet the Label Graduates of Beatport Hype's 'The Next Level' Program

The Beatport Group's accelerator platform for independent labels, Beatport Hype, congratulates a fresh list of imprints whose sales have skyrocketed to the point that they can no longer be considered small labels.

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May 9, 2024
Lynda Phoenix

With an average of 25,000 tracks arriving in Beatport’s ever-growing catalog each month, finding avenues of exposure can often be an uphill battle for small, independent music labels.

That’s why Beatport created Beatport Hype — the ultimate promotional platform for up-and-coming imprints that provides a suite of custom features and marketing opportunities to help amplify their sound and put their name on display.

Hype enables emerging labels to be considered for prime reserved feature spots on the home page, genre pages, and curated charts on Beatport, as well as making tracks eligible to enter the Hype charts.

Every track submitted from our labels on the Hype accelerator program is automatically delivered to the Beatport curation team.

All of our graduate labels have maximised sales and exposure and thanks to Hype and its marketing opportunities - some labels have grown so much that they can no longer be classified as small labels. 

Meet our Beatport Hype labels that have graduated to 'The Next Level' below!

As of 2024, 45 labels have graduated from Hype. To continue supporting each label’s evolution, they will get access to an exclusive webinar hosted by Beatport's curation team and their releases will be added to a specially curated Hype ‘Next Level’ playlist on Beatport, which will be promoted to Beatport’s community of electronic music fans and DJs across social media.

The Hype Top 100 works the same as Beatport's Global Top 100, except only Hype subscribed tracks can be included in the chart. Being featured in the Hype chart increases the likelihood of transitioning into the overall chart. Twenty of our graduate labels have made it in the Global Top 100, with Mango Alley and Exx Muzik reaching Beatport's overall #1 track position in the Global Top 100 chart, and labels such as Freegrant Music, VOLTA and Phisica all reaching the overall #2 position at one point. 

We applaud the successes of our graduate labels who have achieved increased sales, chart placements and premium feature spaces and we are excited to watch their progression to the next level!

Want to start your journey with Beatport Hype? Find out more about the benefits here!

Check out our 'Hype: The Next Level' chart on Beatport or listen below!

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