Downloading vs. Streaming Music: What Is Best For You?

Don't rip it, stream it! We outline the reasons why Beatport Streaming and Beatport Downloads are a much better alternative to ripping music off of YouTube.

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Downloading vs Streaming Music
May 2, 2024
James Harbrecht

So you’re starting out as a DJ. You might have already purchased a new controller, speakers and headphones. Now it’s time for the really important part: building your music collection. But what is the best format for you when it comes to ripping from YouTube and downloading vs streaming music?

We’ve compared your options below so you can make the best choices to suit your needs.

Dont Rip It Stream It

Option 1

YouTube Rips

As you can see from the table, ripping from YouTube is absolutely free. But it’s also painfully awful when it comes to sound quality, time spent finding the music you want, and how much it supports your favorite artists and labels (i.e. Not at all).

It’s also illegal and more than just a little embarrassing. All in all, why risk your laptop's health for poor sound-quality files? Especially when you can instantly access over 12 million tracks on your favorite DJ platform with Beatport Streaming?

Score of 5 - ½ a star

Final thought - Free, but at what cost?


Option 2

Beatport Streaming

The next big thing in DJ technology, giving you access to over 12 million tracks in rekordbox, Serato, Traktor and just about any other DJ software you can think of (plus pro-level hardware like the Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000s).

Beatport Streaming is the ideal choice for new DJs who want to hone their craft but don’t have a limitless budget for new music. Instead of spending countless hours ripping poor-quality files from YouTube, you can access a massive range of the best electronic music across a wide range of genres. Build your sound and refine your taste, all without breaking the bank.

There are curated playlists for quick inspiration and you can even mix Beatport Streaming tracks alongside your purchased MP3 downloads, so it doesn’t have to be downloading vs streaming music - why not both?

There are a range of different plans available to meet your needs and you can even try it out for free for 30 days. Start your trial here.

Score out of 5 - 5 stars

Final thought - The best to get hold of a ton of high-quality new music to mix when you’re starting your DJ journey.


Option 3

Beatport Downloads

For over 20 years, Beatport has been offering DJs the ability to purchase downloads of the biggest and best electronic music catalog in the world.

The current catalog stands at over 12 million tracks, available in MP3 or a range of Lossless audio formats (WAV + AIFF), and covering classics, underground gems, exclusive new tracks and everything in between.

Score out of 5 - 4 stars

Final thought - If you want to own an electronic music track, there is no better place than Beatport.


The Verdict

Laboring way out in third place, but certainly not worthy of a bronze medal are YouTube rips (and the same goes for peer to peer sites too by the way).

In second place is the Beatport download store, with the clear winner being Beatport Streaming.

Access to over 12 million tracks in a massive range of DJ platforms, market-leading royalty payouts, all for a small monthly subscription. It’s really a no-brainer and well worth a free 30-day trial.

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