Anfisa Letyago Makes Her Debut On Sony Music With Enthralling Single, “Feelin’”

This new track is the first to lead up to her debut album, which will be released soon via the major label.

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Anfisa Letyago Beatport
Apr 26, 2024
Harry Levin

Anfisa Letyago is a household name in modern dance music.

The Naples-based DJ, producer, and NSDA label head, has garnered a massive, global audience over the last few years. Fans from around the world flock to her sets to see her beaming smile, feel her pure joy of being behind the decks, and, of course, dance to her thundering, dynamic beats.

Now Letyago is taking her next step as an artist with “Feelin’,” her latest single. This track represents her ascension to a new level on multiple fronts. Firstly, it’s her debut track on noted., a division of the the major record label Sony Music. Secondly, this track is the first time she has used her vocals over her hypnotic kick drums, providing a sound more tied to her unique personality than ever before. Listen below.

“‘Feelin' marks my debut track with Sony, making it truly special,” says Letyago. “With my vocals adding a new dimension, it offers a unique glimpse into my mystical world. I feel the groove of Feelin' commands the dance floor while its beat carries a hint of darkness, creating a trance-like embrace. My direct lyrics, 'Yeh, I know it, what you Feelin', I can feel it,' reflect my desire for a direct connection with my listeners.”

This new deal will culminate in a new album that is soon to come and promises to feature a wide array of dance music sounds. Letyago has already been known to swap between house, techno, indie dance, electro, and myriad other genres in her sets. With her voice as a part of her production arsenal, she can continue to stretch the bounds of her music into the farthest reaches of her imagination.

Anfisa Letyago's new single "Feelin" is out now via .noted/Sony Music. Buy it on Beatport.

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