Kate Stein Launches 99FVR Label with Blistering "SNAFU" Single & Remixes

Kate Stein tasks Mala Ika, Neu-Romancer, and Radondo with re-envisioning her "Snafu" record for the launch of her new label.

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Kate Stein Beatportal
Apr 12, 2024
Rachel Narozniak

Australian selector Kate Stein thrusts streamers into a titillating, nearly six-minute scene that sounds like it hurdles straight out of an old-school science-fiction film. But Stein, of course, deals not with beakers and test tubes but rather with dance floors. “SNAFU,” her first single of the year, isn’t just a candidate for rotation at dimly-lit dance/electronic-catering clubs (think Berlin). It is also the searing opening number of her newly-forged label, 99FVR.

The New York-based imprint, billed as an “expansive state where euphoria and discomfort can equally coexist,” welcomes two alternative takes from Mala Ika and Neu-Romancer and Radondo. True to form, the sweeping, contrasting nature of 99FVR’s sound crystallizes early a la “SNAFU” and its pair of remixes. While Ika brings her glossy, house-minded perspective to Stein’s abstract original, Neu-Romancer and Radondo channel metallic nu-disco and house, evoking the early-2000’s sounds of New York City.

“SNAFU” ushers in a new chapter of Stein’s career that, not unlike her music, promises to be climactic.

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