Boris Brejcha Drops Two Deep Groovers on Fcking Serious: “Terminal Zero” and “Atlantis.”

These are the final two tracks before the high-tech minimal maestro shares his ninth studio album, 'Level One.'

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Boris Brejcha Terminal Zero
Apr 5, 2024
Harry Levin

Festival season 2024 is coming soon, and Boris Brejcha is getting ready with two massive new tracks: “Terminal Zero” and “Atlantis.”

Just two weeks from now, Brejcha will also release his ninth studio album, Level One, which will feature 17 tracks that span the full breadth of his trademarked genre, high-tech minimal.

“Level One demonstrates my ability to find a delicate balance between my classic sound and my evolving musical direction. Creating an album posed the challenge of blending the familiar with the new. I believe I have successfully navigated this artistic journey,” Brejcha says of the album.

“Terminal Zero” and “Atlantis” perfectly represent the new and old dichotomies of Brejcha’s incoming long player.

With its tightened rhythm section and sparse yet effective melodies, “Terminal Zero” presents a throughline from Brejcha’s earliest productions, like 2006’s minimal opus, “Fireworker.” Then “Atlantis” provides a progressive feel that takes the energy of the prior track and infuses it with the sonic swells of his recent hits like 2021’s “Hold Your Speakers.” Listen below.

Boris Brejcha's 'Terminal Zero' EP is out now via Fcking Serious. Buy it on Beatport.

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