Six Emerging Artists On Our Radar: February 2022

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Feb 16, 2022
Alice Austin
Monophonik Beatport


New Delhi’s Monophonik releases his latest EP Loose Ends on India’s Qilla Records, cementing his reputation as one of India’s most innovative exports. The EP reverberates with intense bass, atmospheric synths and temperamental sounds that reflect the angst and euphoria of the human condition. Real name Shatrunjai Dewan, the artist’s unexpected, surrealist sound has already captured the attention of Ostgut Ton’s Boris and The Blessed Madonna as well as prestigious labels such as Recordings and Krunk Kulture. His new EP is a lively cosmic adventure built on broken beats, dusty breaks, twists, turns and rhythmic fusion – a sonic metaphor for life’s uncertainties and further confirmation that there’s no artist quite like Monophonik.

Junior Simba Beatport


Productions by this Zimbabwe-born, Leeds-based artist combine Rhumba, Kwaito, Afro-beat, house and electronica to create contagious grooves that celebrate the artist’s roots. Junior Simba’s been in the production game less than two years but his catchy tracks have already garnered support from Jaguar, Danny Howard and Huw Stephens amongst others. Now the artist’s paying it forward by launching his own label Simba Sounds along with a single by the artist himself called “Kingdom.” The track, with vocals from inspirational poet and spoken word revolutionary Vanessa Chisakula, is packed with deep bass and fractured beats and sits somewhere between dark, tense amapiano and cosmic, Zero-G beats, tied together with a taste of futuristic soul. Following the success of the single, Junior Simbia recently revealed a new track titled “Precision,” showing the more club-focused side of the artist’s psyche.

Papa Khan Beatport


Based in Central Borneo, Indonesia, Papa Khan’s spent the last four years steadily building a global electronica fanbase. You too can fall in love with this pioneer of colour-bass on Valentine’s Day when he’ll release his latest single “Never Cared” on Monstercat. This angsty track was inspired by Papa Khan’s past relationships, with the pop-punk lyrics serving as an outlet to release his feels and frustrations. Papa Khan’s a pillar of the Indonesian bass community thanks to his forward-thinking sound design and melodic take on dubstep and riddim. Skrillex, Marshmello, and Illenium count themselves as fans and so will many more after his US tour with Marauda later this year.



D’n’B and jungle producer Mizeyesis has been on the world’s radar since 2004 when she began DJing and throwing parties in the Northeastern United States along with her collective Threshold Sound. 18 years later and she’s now one of the most prominent names to come out of the US, with releases on Junglist Manifesto, Elm Imprint and Omni Music. She’s visited just about every DJ booth on the planet and has performed, toured or opened for high profile artists and performers including LTJ Bukem, Aphrodite, A-Sides, Remarc, SPY and many more. Her colourful, high-octane productions have firmly placed the artist alongside bass heavyweights Ivy Lab, Break and Deft. Her latest track, “Warmth”, drops on 2.22.22 on Yeska Beatz Unlimited.

3 ION by Phil Knott


:3ION, aka Elon Battle, is an autodidact singer/songwriter/producer operating outta Baltimore, Maryland. The artist’s known for his afro-house/electronica productions, infused with emotive vocals and melodies. The artist explores themes that examine the state of humanity through a futuristic lens with nods to anime and fantasy. :3ION is launching their own label in January called, and minting the imprint with their own EP, Eden. The first single “Quantum Leaping” is a sumptuous concoction of breaks, bass and vocals, with a remix by Mobile Girl, and the full EP, out in April, features remixes from Machinegirl and Scratchclart. With “Quantum Leaping” previewed by Mary Ann Hobbs, there’s no doubt both the artist and label have an exciting future ahead.

AZO Beatport


Belgian DJ and producer AZO uses synthesizers and analog drum machines orchestrated by numeric controllers to make heavy, modern fusions of house, techno, rave and funk. A resident at Queer Future Club in Brussels and a regular on the airwaves of Kiosk Radio, Rinse France and HÖR, AZO’s about to win even more hearts, feet and ears with her new EP out in February on Abstraxion’s Biologic Records, including a remix by Steffi. The four-track Space Tourism EP is a futuristic exploration of the sonic realms of the solar system. “Aurora Space Station” is full of floating synths, bass and breaks, and aims to poke fun at the mega-rich who use outer space as their playground and our planet as their trash can.

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