Recommended DJ Software Versions for Beatport Streaming

Check out all the recommended versions of Beatport Streaming’s integrated DJ Software.

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May 25, 2023
Beatport Team

Beatport Streaming is integrated with every popular DJ software, but we recommend using specific versions of software for optimal performance. Below you’ll find a list of the recommended versions to use with Beatport as well as links to download them. This page will be updated regularly to reflect current recommendations.

Please note, Beatport Streaming no longer works with rekordbox version 6.6.1 and below.


djay + djay Pro – Version 4.1.7

Engine DJ – Version 2.3.1

rekordbox – Version 6.7

Traktor Pro – Version 3.5.3

Serato DJ Lite – Version 3.0.4

Serato DJ Pro – Version 3.0.4

VirtualDJ – VDJ v2023-i b7482

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