How to Use your DJ Controller with Beatport DJ

The Beatport DJ web app gives you all the tools you need to try out new music in the mix, create and manage your playlists, and connect your DJ controller. Here we dive deeper into its features to help you get the most out of it…

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How to Use your DJ Controller with Beatport DJ
Jan 16, 2023
James Harbrecht

The centerpiece of your Beatport Streaming subscription, the Beatport DJ web app provides all the usual things you would expect from DJ software — EQs, filters, a range of FX — plus the ability to instantly access and audition two deck mixes from any of Beatport’s 12-million-strong track catalog, all from within your Chrome browser.

Throw in the new, first-of-its-kind (and award winning) Party Mode feature, and the Beatport DJ web app becomes a seriously jam-packed tool for DJs of all levels. Below we address two of the most common things people ask us about the Beatport DJ web app, the answers to which will help make this an even more useful tool in your DJ arsenal.

Lots of DJs want to know if the Beatport DJ web app can be used with their midi and DJ controllers. The answer is an emphatic yes! Watch below as Eluize shows you how to quickly set up and use Beatport DJ with midi-mapping to connect your DJ controller.

MIDI-Mapping with Beatport DJ

For the full list of pre-mapped DJ controllers, see the end of this article.

Another thing DJs want to know is how to set up their headphones correctly with Beatport DJ. In the video below, you can learn how to choose the right headphone settings in a matter of minutes.

Beatport DJ: Headphones Cue Setup

If you want to know more tips and tricks to get the most out of your Beatport Streaming subscription, how about booking a virtual onboarding session with one of our product specialists?

Click here for Eluize or here for our EU-based specialist, Bec.

Pre-mapped DJ Controllers with Beatport DJ:

– Allen & Heath | Xone K2
– Hercules DJControl Starlight
– Hercules Impulse 200
– Hercules Impulse 300
– Hercules Impulse 500
– Hercules DJControl Impact
– Hercules DJControl Instinct
– Traktor S2
– Traktor S3
– Traktor S4
– Numark | DJ2GO2 Touch
– Numark | Mixtrack Pro FX
– Numark | Mixtrack Pro Platinum
– Denon Prime 4
– Denon Prime 2
– Denon Prime Go
– Denon MCX8000
– Pioneer DDJ REV1
– Pioneer DDJ REV7
– Pioneer DDJ FLX6
– Pioneer DDJ XP2
– Pioneer DDJ 1000SRT
– Pioneer DDJ 200
– Pioneer DDJ 400
– Pioneer DDJ 800
– Pioneer DDJ 1000
– Pioneer DDJ SR2

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