Risa Taniguchi: From Classical Piano to Techno Mayhem

We catch up with techno aficionado and Beatport Next artist Risa Taniguchi at her home in Tokyo to learn more about her musical heritage and new Acid Flesh EP with Black Asteroid.

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Nov 10, 2022
Ralph Moore

Risa Taniguchi is something of an enigma. The Tokyo-based dark techno producer — who is a member of Beatport Next‘s Class of 2022 — makes all her music at home, but in terms of her sights, these are truly international. So it’s no surprise that she’s recently collaborated with Black Asteroid to explore even darker music tunnels, having released on labels like Clash Lion, Second State, and Cin Cin in the past. And while she cites Maceo Plex as a particular musical favourite, there is more to her life than just music. Risa also loves good food and even better wine, which is why she’s comfortable describing herself as a wine expert. Her Acid FleshEP has just dropped on Chris Liebing’s CLR imprint, and we caught up with Japan’s rising underground star to learn more about it.

Risa Taniguchi & Black Asteroid’s Acid Flesh EP is out now via CLR. Buy it on Beatport.

A recent post from Bryan Black Asteroid on Instagram read: “Restored my faith in techno today.” That must have been really nice to read?

Yes, I was happy to see him feeling that way. It’s an honour that such an established producer admires my music and our interaction.

And following on from that, can you talk about your EP with him?

Sure, so all three tracks were made both in-person and online. This summer he stayed in Japan for a while for his long sabbatical and we met each other for the first time. We both brought our own samples and sound elements and we jammed with them together. After he left for his home in the States, we kept working on making some songs together online. I was so thrilled to see the outcome of it, since all those three tracks contain both parties’ signature sound and that is definitely something impossible by myself.

You also released two tracks called Ambush and Execution on Clash Lion, TERR’s label. Can you tell us how you became close to labels and artists like her and Black Asteroid? Was it at a party?

No, it was online where we communicated with each other. With regards to Clash Lion, I sent my demos to the label’s social media and they liked it and replied to me, even though I was nobody to them. I really appreciated them opening the door to me. As for Black Asteroid, when he asked for some recommendations for Japanese producers: one of his friends suggested me.

Let’s talk about your background a little bit. How important is your heritage to the techno music you make?

I’ve always loved music in minor keys, and preferred dark, aggressive music rather than happy and cheerful songs when I was playing piano too. I always listened to and played that sort of music such as Beethoven’s Moonlight/Pathetique Sonata. I guess those preferences are still found in my music today.

Finally, what do you do to decompress after the club or a studio session?

Foods and drinks with someone whom I can be myself with.

Check out Risa Taniguchi’s ‘Acid Flesh’ chart on Beatport.