Anti Up Score a Beatport Number 1 with “Chromatic”

Veteran producers Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo have teamed up as Anti Up — and scored a Beatport number one in the process with “Chromatic.”

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Anti up beatport number 1
Jun 21, 2022
Heiko Hoffmann

Chris and Chris, Congratulations to your new Beatport number one with “Chromatic”! How are you?

We’re lacking vitamin D from long hours in the studio, but other than that we’re great thank you!

It’s been nine months since your last release as Anti Up. How did the track take shape and how did you collaborate on this?

We had this track written in 2020, which had another vocal and some rave stabs on it and we couldn’t get it to gel, so we left it alone. Fast forward to this year and we had a vocal sent over to us by P.O.P.P.Y, which happened to fit perfectly on to this beat. It pretty much finished itself once we had that. Moral of the story — always save your WIPs, sometimes it only takes that one element to unlock them.

When did you first feel that “Chromatic” would go down well? When did you play it out first and what were the reactions?

Honestly, as soon as we added the vocal on to the already-existing beat, it felt amazing instantly! We both opened with it at some of our February shows and the crowd reaction was huge. We had a few records we were planning to release beforehand but we felt this was now the priority record to drop before the summer came along.

What made you decide to start your own project as Anti Up rather than record occasional tracks under your own names?

It was actually Destructo’s suggestion quite a few years back. It started with a lot of tongue in cheek hooks over heavily sampled semi modular synths that we have no idea how to properly use. We have evolved what we see the project becoming and we are excited for you to hear what releases we have planned after “Chromatic”. It’s probably not what you will expect.

What’s in the plans for Anti Up and for your individual projects?

An album for us, it’s very close, just tidying up loose ends. A lot of it steps out from the usual driving house that is expected from us, we hope you enjoy what we have been working on. You can expect some live shows from us coming soon, debuting in Australia in September at Listen Out festival.

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