Scottish Duo LF System Score a Beatport Number One with “Afraid To Feel”

We catch up with Scottish duo LF System, whose house track “Afraid To Feel” hit Beatport’s overall top spot.

4 min
Number one
Jul 1, 2022
Heiko Hoffmann

How are you?

We’re good, thank you! Everything’s been so crazy at the moment and we’re just enjoying it for what it is.

“Afraid To Feel” is based on a sample of ’70s funk group Silk. Where did you find it and how to you generally try and discover new source material for your tracks?

We’re big disco and soul fans so it’s something we’re naturally listening to anyway. But this particular sample was found by digging on YouTube for the purpose of sampling. We do a lot of digging on YouTube and Discogs to find a bit more obscure/unheard tracks.

You’ve made that track more than two years ago. Why did it take such a long time to come out?

A few things really. We sat on the record for a year trying to find a home for it and then we decided just to self release it on SoundCloud. Then Warner Records wanted to sign it a year later it and we removed it from SoundCloud and got the process going! We’re so glad it’s finally out.

What makes the production immediately stand out are the drastic tempo changes that you make within the song. Do you still remember the moment when you tried this out in the studio and thought “Yes, this might work”?

It’s funny because we have always played about with the tempo and tried it out. And on this record it just worked. We wanted to keep the vibe of the first draft we did too which was a slow disco version closer to the original but also wanted to make it slam in a club. That’s where the idea was really born for the tempo change. There was definitely a point we thought, ‘This is quite cool’.

Your last single “Dancing Cliche” was already a big house hit. When did realise that “Afraid To Feel” could be even bigger?

The track always got such a good reaction when we played it in clubs and people were always asking about it but you never fully realise that it can do so well. It really set in when the numbers starting showing up and of course when it started charting.

You are both from Glasgow. Are there any local DJs or producers that were especially important for you either as inspiration or in helping you with starting out?

Jackmaster, Jasper James and Denis Sulta are the main ones for us but there is so much good talent in Scotland. We would go see them any chance we got and they have heavily influenced our sound and DJing style.

What’s next for you?

We’ve lots of shows coming up and plenty more music to release. More info on that soon!

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