Dom Dolla Scores a Beatport Number 1 with his Remix for Gorillaz’s “New Gold”

We catch up with Australian producer and DJ Dom Dolla, whose new remix for Gorillaz’s fresh collaboration with Tame Impala and Bootie Brown just hit Beatport’s overall top spot.

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Dom Dolla 2022
Dec 20, 2022
Heiko Hoffmann

Dom, congratulations on your Beatport number one with your remix for Gorillaz’s “New Gold.” How are you?

Yo! Thank you so much. I’ve just finished my final international show for 2023 and am on my way back to Australia for a few massive festivals over New Year’s Eve. I am feeling great.

“New Gold” also features Tame Impala, who — just like you — hail from Australia. Did this have anything to do at all with you being asked to remix this track? Did this make it even more special for you to get involved?

I’m not sure it impacted my decision to remix the track, but Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker is one of Australia’s finest exports, such an incredible artist. It was pretty surreal opening the stems and having the chance to work with Kevin’s vocals. He has such an iconic voice and a unique tone. It only felt right to have them shine at the very start of the remix.

How did you go about doing the remix? Is it true that you worked on quite a few different versions?

It is true. I had a few different versions I was experimenting with, playing live, then tweaking. With names like Tame Impala, Gorillaz and Bootie Brown, it felt right to respect the core elements which make the original so memorable. Ultimately, I wanted a version to kick off my set with. There was something about the remix that felt like it set the tone for my sets over the last month. It’s been working.

You’re a global producer and DJ who’s traveling most of the time of the year. Is there still a scene in Australia that you feel connected to? Are there any emerging DJs or producers from Australia you can recommend?

I can’t wait to get back for this run of shows over NY. The scene in Australia is thriving. There is a distinctive sound emerging, and it’s being recognised around the world. Names like Skin On Skin, jamesjamesjames, and Airwolf Paradise are setting high benchmarks for some of the best dance music in the world.

What are you currently working on? In your recent sets, you hinted at a collaboration with Marc Kinchen (aka MK) coming out soon.

Even though this year has been busier than ever on the road, I’ve been writing a lot and have some very exciting new music to share next year. If you’ve caught one of my sets over the last few months, chances are you will have heard some of what’s to come.

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