Hype Label of the Month: Rampage Recordings

We dive into the high-octane sound behind one of the world’s most well-attended drum & bass / dubstep parties, Rampage Recordings — our Hype Label of the Month.

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Jan 25, 2024
Cameron Holbrook

For the past 15 years, bass heads from across Europe have made it a point to take a pilgrimage to Antwerp to attend Rampage — one of the world’s largest drum & bass / dubstep parties. The brainchild of the Belgian DJ/producer Murdock, Rampage’s annual gathering attracts 30,000 people from across the globe, astounding crowds with state-of-the-art event production and stellar lineups that have created legions of loyal fans who keep coming back for more.

To further elevate the level of the brand, Murdock launched Rampage Recordings in 2017 — its in-house imprint that brings us high-octane tunes from the venerable dubstep and drum & bass artists that so often grace the party’s lineups and beyond. These acts include Dirtyphonics, 12th Planet, Disstress Signal, Doctrine, Mollie Collins, Bare Up and many more. We caught up with Murdock to learn more about the Rampage brand, the label behind it, and some of its most essential tunes. Check out the video below.

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