Hype Label of the Month: Farris Wheel Recordings

Beatport shines the spotlight on Gene Farris’ pivotal and consistently groovy Chicago house music imprint, Farris Wheel Recordings.

4 min
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Feb 29, 2024
Cameron Holbrook

Gene Farris‘ Chicago-based house music label Farris Wheel Recordings has been a pivotal dance music terminus for over three decades. Initially launched in 1998 with the arrival of Farris’ now classic The Copa Cabana EP, the bonafide Windy City artist’s imprint has evolved into a living testament of the house music majesty that Farris lives and breathes on a daily basis. With over 300 releases under its belt, Farris Wheel Recordings has pushed out blast-off records from the likes of Green Velvet, J.Worra, Paul Johnson, Sacha Robotti, Will Clarke, Demarkus Lewis, and was even responsible for hosting some of the earliest records from fellow Chicagoan, global dance floor giant, and one of Beatport’s top-selling artists, John Summit.

We caught up with Gene Farris to learn more about the history behind this all-important house music label and learn about some of its most essential tunes. Check out the video below.

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