The Future of DJing has Arrived: Words from Robb McDaniels

Global DJ Community,

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Jul 4, 2023
Robb McDaniels

Over the past several decades, we have been witness to transformative moments that have changed the course of our industry for the better. From the release of the Technics SL-1200 in 1978 to the CDJ-1000 in 2001, or the release of the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer in 1978 to the introduction of the Roland V-Synth in 2003, huge leaps forward in product development and design have ignited waves of creative exploration and customer adoption in electronic music and DJ culture.

We now find ourselves at such a moment – The Connected DJ Booth is now becoming a reality.

We are proud to announce the full integration of Beatport’s streaming service into Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000 players. This link between two companies that have spent the last 50 years combined dedicated to serving DJ and Producers around the world, finally connects Beatport’s expertly curated catalogue of over 11 million songs to Pioneer DJ’s industry-dominating DJ players.

The future of DJing has arrived.

Now DJs will be able to step into the booth and login to Beatport Streaming from the CDJ-3000 interface to retrieve their saved Beatport playlists. DJs can also access Beatport’s deep catalogue in real time to access any song needed to round out the night’s set, so you won’t ever feel that sense of anxiety, or missing that perfect banger, ever again.

But the game-changing experience doesn’t stop there.

When you use Beatport Streaming, the CDJ-3000, and Pioneer DJ’s CloudDirectPlay together, you will have a record of your set to supply to your team, your fans, and Performing Rights Organizations. Additionally, every time you play a song, the copyright owner gets paid from Beatport’s subscription pool, so you are supporting your peers every minute of every set. Should you want to switch back and forth between music from Beatport Streaming and Rekordbox, or your USB stick, that’s seamless as well.

With the Beatport catalog at your fingertips you have 11m+ reasons to start playing with this tech, so unlock a world of possibilities and start a new adventure that will benefit so many aspects of your DJ career, especially as we develop new tools and services around this experience that drive more value to the creative community.

We have always been a community of bold pioneers, making beats, and traveling to new ports, so don’t stop now.

See how I did that?!

Thanks for playing,
– Robb

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