Odd Mob & OMNOM Score a Beatport Number 1 with “Losing Control”

We speak with Australian artist Odd Mob and LA-based talent OMNOM whose collaborative tech house stomper “Losing Control” has just hit Beatport’s overall top spot.

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Sept 29, 2023
Cameron Holbrook

Thanks for joining us, Harry and Cody. Congrats on locking down your very first Beatport #1! How are you feeling about it, and have you had a chance to celebrate?

Harry (Odd Mob): Yeah, it’s super exciting! I can’t believe we managed to snag the number 1 spot. Our sold-out LA show was definitely a celebration and a half!

Cody (OMNOM): Harry was actually just out here in the US last week for a short string of shows. If you happened to see any of the videos from our B2B set at Academy on Friday, you’d know we definitely had quite the celebration… He actually arrived in America Sunday for his set at Nocturnal Wonderland, and Losing Control hit #1 literally that same night.

Here’s a pic of us when we found out:

Odd Mob Omnom beatport 1746x2048

Tell us about how the two of you first connected.

Cody (OMNOM): We actually met a few years ago while Harry was on a US tour. He was playing at Space Yacht in LA, and that afternoon, he’d tweeted something along the lines of “Who wants to work together while I’m in town?” and being a big admirer of his work, I offered to have him come out to my house and work at my home studio. A few people responded with “Yes. You should definitely do that,” and maybe that’s what actually convinced him.

Harry (Odd Mob): We caught up at my show at Sound later that night, and that’s when we finally met in person. The next day, we actually followed through on our plans (rare!), and we wrote “Strut” that very same day. I left for my next show the day after, but the entire country shut down on the way there. The Covid-19 pandemic canceled the whole rest of my tour, and I was forced to return to Australia. We didn’t meet up with each other again until late 2022, I believe.

How did the track come about? Tell us a bit about your collaborative workflow in the studio.

Harry (Odd Mob): Yeah, we usually both like to work together in the studio super fast. One of us will be driving the session, and then the other will be playing around on any of the synths. That’s usually how our collaborations end up with so many cool little interesting bleeps and bloops. “WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!”

Actually, some key parts of “Losing Control” came about while we were on other sides of the planet. When you work with someone who lives on another continent, you have to get used to putting tracks together in chunks like a big puzzle. We’re always sending ideas to each other, whether it’s beats, vocals, synths, or whatever.

Cody (OMNOM): Yeah, when Harry sent me a beat with those iconic stabs, I knew we had to make something of it.

Sometimes, I’ll do entire sessions where I write/record vocal ideas to save just in case we ever need them. Some of those sessions have been with friends, one of whom, named Skylar (aka XKYLAR) recorded three or four different toplines one afternoon, having no idea when (or even if) we’d ever use them. One of those vocals just so happened to be, “I think I’m losing control.” She’s on a few other tracks we’re currently working on, so people will definitely be familiar with her soon (if they’re not already).

Harry (Odd Mob): There was also another night where We got on a Zoom call and set a goal for ourselves to actually work on a track together at the same time even though we were in different time zones. So we set a 15-minute timer and left the call to write something (anything), and then when the 15 minutes was up, we returned to the call and showed each other what we’d written.

Cody (OMNOM): I think that’s when I wrote either that sci-fi-sounding intro or the arp we ended up using for the middle section of Losing Control, maybe both? I can’t remember. Actually, I’m not sure I even did anything on “Losing Control.”

The vocal elements on the track are super enjoyable, and I also saw that you both released the acapella as a free download. Have you already had some promising remixes sent your way?

Cody (OMNOM): If anybody makes a remix with THAT acapella, I would definitely be interested in hearing it

Harry (Odd Mob): We’ve already had some crazy artists hit us up for official remixes. Can’t wait to show everybody who’s jumped on board!

Omnom Odd Mob Interview 1536x1024

I saw that you did your first B2B together in March of this year. It would be a complete understatement to say it looks like you two are having fun up there together. Can we expect to see more joint B2B sessions planned for the future?

Cody (OMNOM): Oh yeah, we definitely have a great time up there! I’ve only done one or two planned B2Bs over the years, so I didn’t really know what to expect with that first one, but it actually ended up being one of the most fun sets I’ve played in a long time. I think we can all agree there have been some B2Bs out there that just sounded like a jumbled mess because the two artists didn’t really know where they were trying to go with it (I think that’s also been us a couple of times). It’s a bit of extra work (but that’s what Harry’s here for).

Harry (Odd Mob): It’s fun piecing together tracks from each of our solo sets and finding new tunes to throw into one collaborative piece that represents both of our styles. And it’s a LOT easier to put together a cohesive B2B set when you both share similarities in your musical taste and like a lot of the same genres and artists.

Cody (OMNOM): But to answer your question: YES. We’ve already got our next few B2Bs lined up for the rest of this year, including a HUGE one alongside Mau P as support for John Summit at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles… (and maybe even a couple in 2024).

What was your favorite moment from the summer of 2023?

Cody (OMNOM): I’ve had a lot of great memories this summer, but in relation to this track, I’d say either the night John Summit told me he wanted to sign “Losing Control” to his label or maybe just the many moments seeing all these videos of “Losing Control” being played in all these iconic venues (mostly by John haha) and seeing people going absolutely feral online trying to figure out the ID or get us to release it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a track generate that kind of hype in my career, so to see it go from that very first idea in a private Soundcloud link to what it eventually became is something I never thought I’d be a part of (but hopefully will again someday)!

Harry (Odd Mob): Playing at HARD summer was definitely a huge highlight. It’s a festival I’ve always wanted to play since I first started DJing!

Any parting words for your fans before we go?

Harry / Cody: We’d just say THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who has helped get “Losing Control” to where it’s at today. We know it was a loooooooong wait over the course of the last six months since we first sent it out to some DJ friends to play.

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