Beatport Streaming comes to the CDJ-3000

Beatport Streaming is now available within the industry standard CDJ-3000 player, putting streaming at the heart of the world’s top clubs.

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Jun 27, 2023
James Harbrecht

With the latest CDJ-3000 firmware update, DJs can now access the full 11m+ Beatport Streaming catalog directly within the onboard interface of the flagship Pioneer DJ player, with the ability to sign in on one CDJ-3000 and play from up to 4 units in the PRO DJ LINK network.

On loading a track, the CDJ-3000 automatically analyzes its grid to help you easily understand its progression using the waveform display. Features such as Quantize and Beat Sync are then available for accurate beat matching and mixing.

The new CDJ-3000 integration is a giant step forward in providing DJs with the ultimate flexibility over the way they source and play music in their sets with Beatport Streaming — the exclusive streaming option available on the hardware.

The integration gives DJs the ability to choose from multiple content sources, meaning you can now play sets sourced entirely from the deep, multi-genre Beatport Streaming catalog or adopt a hybrid approach using Beatport Streaming to supplement your purchased tracks downloaded from

All this is possible without the need for a laptop.

For a step-by-step guide on how to use Beatport Streaming with the Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000, click here.

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The Connected DJ Booth

All of this signals a monumental shift towards the future of DJing: The Connected DJ Booth.

This will empower DJs by giving them access to advanced tools and software that will provide the following:

– More flexibility and access to the widest range of music.

– The ability to mix and match music mediums, adopting a hybrid workflow.

– The ability to build, manage and share their playlists on the go.

– The ability to send more accurate play data from their sets so labels and artists are more fairly compensated for their music.

– The ability for artists and labels to better leverage data for use in their release and tour strategies.

About the CDJ-3000 player: The top-of-the-line unit from industry-leading DJ equipment brand Pioneer DJ, the CDJ-3000 is one of the highest-standard DJ players on the market and the top choice for many of the world’s top club venues.

Find out more about its extensive features here.

Not signed up for Beatport Streaming yet?

Beatport Streaming gives you access to the best tracks in electronic music with the full 11m+ Beatport catalog, plus ready-made playlists from our in-house experts and some of the best DJs in the industry.

Browse and manage your music in the Beatport DJ WebApp with full track playback, then instantly access your playlists within your favourite DJ software like rekordbox, or directly within the Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000.

To celebrate the launch of Beatport Streaming within the CDJ-3000, you can try Beatport Streaming completely free for 30 days and cancel or upgrade at any time.

Click here to get started.

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