Meet Beatport’s New North American Ambassadors

Beatport welcomes its new crew of North American Ambassadors.

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Feb 8, 2024
Beatport Team

Beatport’s Ambassador program is a community-centric initiative to highlight emerging talent globally while fostering connections with local dance music culture. The Ambassador team serves as a crucial link to regional scenes, offering insights into the unique tastes, trends, and key players shaping each region’s musical landscape.

Meet our second round of Beatport Ambassadors below! We will announce more DJs from continents around the globe who will be joining our roster later this year.

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Despite her meteoric rise in a highly competitive scene, México City-born DJ and producer Flor Capistran is an artist who isn’t afraid to reinvent herself and innovate while staying iconic and unique. It’s no coincidence that she is considered one of the top names in the Mexican electronic music scene.

Her sound blends seamlessly elements from house, indie dance and minimal while delivering fun, dynamic and energetic sets. Her original productions have been released on labels like: Insomniac, Born in México, and Phisica. Being the co-founder of the last one, which is a Mexican label that specializes in Latinx sounds from an electronic perspective.

From 2021 to 2022, she hosted her own radio show titled “RAVE EN LA WEB,” which focused on promoting fresh Latin American talents. As of late, she is currently promoting her latest release titled Juicy, a two-song EP made up of highly danceable tracks that blend aquatic, submarine, and moist sounds that guarantee to leave a slippery dancefloor and the audience soaking wet.

Listen to Flor Capistran’s Beatport Ambassador chart below or check it out on the store here.

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Daniel Costantini, infamously unknown as HUHUU, is a Canadian-born DJ sensation with a very euphoric and uplifting DJ persona! Behind the decks, HUHUU is best known for the contagious energy he shares with his fellow grooveheads shaking their booties on the dance floor. HUHUU’s passion for electronic music and his unmatched ear for unique sounds and intoxicating drums does not go unnoticed. Growing up during the ’90s grunge era, HUHUU always felt out of place regarding his love for electronic music. This only intensified his passion for becoming a DJ. Fast-forward to now, you can catch HUHUU mixing early morning sessions at some of Toronto’s most predominant after hours nightclubs!

Listen to HUHUU’s Beatport Ambassador chart below, or check it out on the store here.

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Juliet Mendoza is an Afro-Latina artist (Salvadoreña, Nicaraguense, Mexicana), LA native, dancer, DJ, and a true heart of the underground house music and dance culture.⁣

Juliet’s love for the music takes us back to the mid-’90s house scene where she became a regular in LA house clubs, such as the Arena and Carnival. By her early 20s, she became a well-known dancer and event promoter for LA’s largest house music festivals.

Juliet has a true deeply rooted connection to LA house music culture. Her unique style of delivering melodic, soulful and deep sounds has taken Juliet above and beyond the boundaries of Los Angeles to headline several international cities: Amsterdam, Paris, MX City, MX Tulum, Croatia and around the U.S.

Her journey has also given her the opportunity to become an Unsung Hero Winner for Defected Records — becoming a resident and joining the Unsung Heroes Crew for 2022. There is no doubt that Juliet is a truly driven ambassador of the house music culture.

Listen to Juliet Mendoza’s Beatport Ambassador chart below, or check it out on the store here.

BP Ambassador Feed Ochok 1000x1000


From the heart of France to now making waves in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Ochok is the mastermind behind the wildly successful “Paris at Night” party series in Los Angeles.

These immersive events have become a cornerstone of the city’s nightlife. Ochok’s talent behind the decks and his impeccable music selection has earned him a coveted spot on the Sirius XM radio lineup, where he hosts a weekly show every Thursday and Saturday at 3 pm.

Keep an ear to the ground and an eye on the horizon because Ochok is the name to watch. His magnetic presence in the music world, combined with his seductive vibes, promises an auditory experience like no other.

Listen to Ochok’s Beatport Ambassador chart below, or check it out on the store here.

BP Ambassador Feed Matsu 1000x1000


Drop Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Matsu into any setting, and you’ll see just how quickly he can tap into the mood of the audience. Multi-floor club with visuals and a massive speaker system? Check. Intimate set playing vinyl and digging through dusty crates? Check. Battling live against veteran DJs on global stages and winning titles? That was a thing – he came up as a battle DJ. Check.

Matsu’s namesake – both a play on his last name and a call to his Japanese roots – roughly translates to “wait with intent,” because the best things are done with care and finesse. While most aspiring DJs got their start with a cracked version of Ableton and a controller, Matsu went the extra mile by teaching himself the art of turntablism and studying the routines of his heroes. That commitment is exactly what got him noticed – you know you’re doing something right when A-Trak personally invites you to compete at the Fool’s Gold Goldie Awards and then invites you back a second year to be their in-house DJ.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Matsu working alongside some of his biggest heroes, like the legendary DJ Craze. In 2019, Craze revived Slow Roast Records as a testament to his decade-old legacy of releasing cutting-edge music – and thought Matsu was the perfect fit as his partner. Now, Matsu helps guide the label’s vision for next-gen DJs and works with Craze on their experimental-house collab project, Omicasa. He’s dropped several bouncy house singles, including “Back to Me” under Insomniac’s house imprint IN/ROTATION Vol. 9, “Fading” on New York’s legendary Nervous Records, and has created mixes for global brands like Gray Area, DJcity, and Globalization on SiriusXM. While Matsu is tactful in pulling samples from various places – whether that’s down some internet hole or at the bottom of a bin of old records – make no mistake, his voice is still abundantly clear. Just ask anyone who’s been to a Matsu set and suddenly found themselves out on the dance floor – that’s not magic. That’s Matsu doing what he does best.

Listen to Matsu’s Beatport Ambassador chart below, or check it out on the store here.