Damiano von Erckert: Lovers, Fighters, and ‘Euphoric Spirits’

AVA. Records boss and Robert Johnson Club resident Damiano von Erckert discusses the vivacious dance floor moments that served to inspire his new Euphoric Spirits long-player.

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Damiano Von Beatport
Apr 27, 2023
Cameron Holbrook

Hailing from Germany, the DJ/producer Damiano von Erckert (also known as DVE) has spent the better part of a decade winning the hearts and minds of ravers and fellow performers from every corner of the house and techno scene. His earnest musical approach in the studio — which is rooted in an encyclopedic knowledge of dance music history and a deep-seated appreciation for contemporary art — is only outweighed by the man’s ability to deliver jubilant and transformative club moments on a consistent basis.

Undeterred by the wave of demo rejections he encountered when first getting his start back in 2011, Damiano took steps to remedy this by creating his own imprint, AVA. Records, a choice he later referred to as “the best decision I ever made.” The regal grooves and boisterous funk of his AVA productions caught on quickly and would lead him to powerhouse labels like Will Saul’s Aus Music, Dam Swindle’s Heist Recordings, Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings, and last but not least, Live At Rober Johnson’s — the in-house label for the world-famous Frankfurt club that he now calls home.

Following up on his previous two releases on Live At Robert Johnson — the Space, Diversity, No Limits EP and the smashingly successful single “Let’s Hide Away” — Damiano von Erckert now presents us with an enraptured long player titled Euphoric Spirts. We caught up with DVE to learn more about the work and inspiration behind this stunning and dynamic record.

Damiano von Erckert’s Euphoric Spirits EP is out now via Live At Robert Johnson. Buy it on Beatport.


Hey Damiano! Thanks for joining us. How has 2023 been treating you thus far?

So far, it’s been good. I’m currently working on many projects and am happy that Covid is no longer an issue to stop us from coming together.

What kind of “Euphoric Spirits” helped inspire the sound and direction of this beautiful seven-track affair for Live At Robert Johnson?

The record was produced over quite a long period of time. Some people describe it as an album, and it certainly can feel like it, but it was not meant to be as such. Between 2020 and mid of 2022, due to a lack of parties, I witnessed only a few times what I consider Euphoric Spirits on the dance floor. I saved these moments, which were linked to certain tracks I’ve played and gave me the necessary inspiration to make these tracks.

In an Instagram post, you said this record was “crafted to resonate with both the rave romantic and the fighter within us all.” Can you expand on that for us?

My music is made for everybody. This might sound generic, but it is 100% my core approach. I am interested in and engaging in multidisciplinary art forms. My work is dynamic as we are dynamically behaving spirits; therefore, I want to provide experiences inspired by rave, youth culture and contemporary art, not in an elitist approach but in a tolerant and patient matter. I’m annoyed by scenes that act intolerant or pretentious toward others. In the very end, we are all sometimes lovers and sometimes fighters. Both towards ourselves and the immediate world around us. And that is okay. The important thing is that my work resonates with people and connects them with others and me as an artist.

We’re treated to a proper and deep remix of “3PIANOS” from the esteemed Pepe Bradock. How did the two of you get linked up for this?

Yes, dreams come true. Pépé, aka Julien, is a kind and warm-hearted person whom I have admired as an artist since the beginning of my career. I just texted him to find out if he wants to be part of the project, and he said yes. It’s about trying, improving, practising and again trying. This scene can be challenging since it is so dynamic and at such a vast speed. Change is coming in shorter intervals, and everybody needs to adapt one way or another. This keeps it beautiful and exciting. Change should be challenging. Change is not a jacuzzi and a silver platter of fruits but hard work, which can result in a beautiful new status quo.

Euphoric Spirits Beatport

Tell us about the Euphoric Spirits aesthetic that you dreamed up with artist Dennis Buck.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m interested in all fields of the arts. That said, I’m drawn to artists who inspire me and with whom I can see visual connections to my musical work. End of last year, I collaborated with Eike König and Aus Music for my album The Past, The Future, where Eike provided fantastic cover Artwork. On my own label AVA. RECORDS 10th anniversary “10 Yahre “, we brought in over 40 Artists, both music and visual artists, to create a unique experience for our fans and friends. I’m a massive fan of Denis Buck, a rising artist from Berlin and a friend. The Artwork was initially exhibited at Ruttkowski Gallery in Cologne but hangs now in my place, and I’m happy to have both the original and the design for the cover of Euphoric Spirits.

What are you most looking forward to this Summer, and can we expect to hear any more fresh Damiano Von Ercket productions or remixes in the near future?

I’m producing more music and working on a big creative project outside of music, which is too early to talk about yet. My dear friend and supporter Sven Väth asked me to remix one of his productions which will come out this Summer alongside a great group of legends from the dance music scene via Cocoon. A few Festivals, such as the Italian Polifonic and MELT!, which I will close in a b2b session with MULTISEX resident and dear friend PRSMC, are coming up and are just a few highlights. Oh, and, of course, continuing my DJ residency at my favorite Club Robert Johnson.

Listen to Damiano von Erckert’s Euphoric Spirits below, or find it on Beatport.

Cameron Holbrook is Beatportal’s North American Editor. Find him on Twitter or Instagram.

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