Trikk: Expanding the Palette with ‘Fauna & Flora’

Released on Innervisions, Trikk’s debut album Fauna & Flora exudes broad-minded musicianship and incisive club cuts across ten genre-traversing tracks.

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Feb 17, 2023
Ralph Moore

Sometimes it’s fun to elaborate but let’s get straight to the point. Everybody knows that Innervisions is an imprint of quality and distinction and this has always been a mark of what’s made the label such a success. So when Trikk signed his debut album to Innervisions, it was clear that there was something special in the water, and much more than just minerals. “I would like to see my vision understood. A lengthy project like this brings much more depth than a two or three-track EP could have.” So says Bruno of Trikk when we start to dig deep into the importance of an album project in this electronic era.

Fun fact: Dixon is the album’s Executive Producer, which means that the record should get the shine and attention it deserves: the track “‘Regado” is particularly strong and the LP is augmented by the appearance of Jens Kuross, who they call “a genius” and an “amazing talent.” If you’re looking for a new album to soundtrack your spring, to paraphrase the classic rock song, this album may be your latest Trikk. Reasserting his club credentials, this Portuguese producer has an uncompromising take on techno that nods to the LP’s green-fingered theme: Flora and Fauna is out now via Innervisions.

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“Don’t Forget To Breathe” is very atmospheric. What inspired the mood and also the lyric?

This piece was born out of a true collaboration process with multi-instrumentalist Jens Kuross, we got together in 2019 at Âme’s studio in Berlin. I had the atmosphere thought through beforehand, which is quite moody overall with a bit of hope at the end of the tunnel. There’s significant tension to recreate moments of stress and let the lyrics Jens brilliantly created shine through the instrumental. “Don’t Forget To Breathe” just is, the meaning is quite direct and always a reminder for perhaps the most important action our body offers us, breathing. So, don’t forget.

I also really like the club track “Regado,” was that custom-built for the dance floor? It’s also quite creepy in the synth department!

Thank you, yes it was. In fact, it was perhaps one of the few tracks inside the whole project specifically made for the club setting and to be listened to in that specific context. The story track-wise has nothing to do with going out but more reflecting the happy, aggressive and mentally brutal moments of my childhood living in “Regado” which is considered a bad and poor neighbourhood in the suburbs of Porto.

Other guests on the album are Jimi Jules and Feon, how do you tend to find your collaborators?

I’m not looking far away for these, more often than not I look around me. Jules and Feon are a good example, We are friends, or appreciators of each other’s work – its key that we have to like each other’s music and it helps having that connection of artistry likeness. I love their music, I’m a big fan; luckily they said yes to make music with me and help me bring my inner vision to life.

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And then there’s US singer-songwriter Jens Kuross…

A genius. Amazingly talented and in my point of view very underrated. Lucky to have met Jens through Frank Wiedemann. They collaborated in various projects including Howling. Jens helped me a lot and was perhaps the musician with more hidden features in this album, he played many parts for different tracks, drums, organ, bass, you name it. I appreciate you. Thank you for being part of this project if you are somehow reading this right now.

Can you tell us who designed the album art and what it means?

Another incredibly talented human being. Gabriel (Sometimes Always) is the creator. Well, we approached Gabriel with a simple concept of creating something striking that reflected the music inside, the music itself has a lot of touches in punk, industrial but also linked to house music at its core. And I think he was able to give us hints of the DIY movement that Punk had and mix it with a modernist approach. It has this hate-it-or-love-it attitude which is very important, it empowers you to have a visceral reaction and in the end there’s no half-term. You either like it or not and I love it.

What would make you happiest about the way the album could be received?

It’s an important moment to have and show a full concept and ideology of what are your dreams, fears and inspirations. As an artist I always had different projects and outlets, music that couldn’t be perceived or was too different to be a “Trikk” song. So this project is the culmination of that attempt to bring my other projects into “Trikk’s” world and in the end trying to challenge what is the sound of Innervisions after all. Dixon Executive Produced all the tracks in this album, he worked tirelessly like it was his own music. And in the end it became. In the end it is. His ability to push new frontiers forward, unapologetically, without looking back or asking for permission is a big inspiration and this album could only happen because of his openness for new sounds and challenges. He offered a home for this album to exist, and I appreciate him very much for not only this but a lot of other things too.

Finally, Innervisions is such a quality label, what does it mean to be releasing there?

Firstly, I’m immensely proud to have met a group of such talented human beings. From the back office to what everyone sees in the limelight. It’s invaluable what I have learnt all these years being close to them, will stay with me forever and for me that’s what it means, more than music, the human side.

Trikk’s debut album ‘Fauna & Flora’ is out now via Innervisions. Listen below or buy it on Beatport.

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